Review: Eden #1

Eden #1

Eden #1
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Rating: 3 1/2 Star

Like many new series I randomly pick up, I was first attracted to Eden because of the absolutely beautiful covers it boasted. The characters on the cover looked interesting (the alien reminding me very much of a certain race from Mass Effect) and the color palette is exquisite.

So this is meant to be a four issue limited series. With those pretty covers I’m sure they don’t have to worry about them selling, but my bet is they’re not printing them in the normal numbers one would expect to see (thus ‘limited’). I love mini-series like this, as they’re fun to get into, but don’t require a multi-year commitment to get the whole plot.

I’ll admit that it took me a little while to get into the swing of things. Actually, after a couple of pages I had to stop and double check that I was in fact reading the first issue in the series. You see, they went with the storytelling method of having us dropped into the plot while it’s well in motion. That means that our characters already know each, already are on their mission, and don’t feel compelled to stop and explain any of that to us.

I don’t mind that storytelling technique at all, but sometimes it does result in some confusion. Once I started figuring out who was who, and what the driving motivation of our group is (hint: it’s the missing/kidnapped kid) I was much happier with what I was seeing.

I loved the epic scale of some of the alien races we’re shown, like the giant Dune like worm, or the thing that ate said worm. When being shown an alien planet, you don’t typically see them in this scale (though it does happen). I’m personally pretty fond of it, so it was nice to see. Granted I have no idea how the characters are going to succeed in their quest, but at least now I have motivation for reading the rest of the series, right?


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