Review: The Mall #1

The Mall #1

The Mall #1
Publisher: Scout Comics

4 Star

The Mall is a new series by Scout Comics, it’s about, well you can probably guess that it has something to do with a mall. Have you ever looked at a large property like a mall and wondered how the ownership of something like that is handled? Well, according to this series it’s a world that’s open to inheritance and corruption, what a fun combination

Lena, Diego, and Dallas couldn’t possibly be more different from one another. Well, with one potentially major exception. That exception is the reason that they’re all finding themselves mixed up in this mall business. You see, they all supposedly have the same father, and he’s gone and left them each a chunk of the mall he once owned and ran.

Of course it isn’t actually that simple, we know that. In this case it’s actually worse than what we would consider the worst case scenario; I mean, I don’t know about you but if I inherited a mall I’d be more concerned about taxes then the possibility of somebody trying to kill me for the property. I’m betting I’m not in the minority for that one either.

Even though little time was spent with each individual kid, we already know their driving motivations for wanting the business to succeed. They all have their own heartbreaking backstories, but I won’t take away from them by ruining the surprises. I will say that they’re surprisingly real and deep issues.

Being that we’re only one issue in it’s hard to say for certain, but this series certainly looks like it has potential. Despite the oddly light sounding theme this series has already proven that it isn’t afraid to get heavy. The first scene literally depicts a murder (we can safely assume that it was the supposed father being killed here), plus mobsters, children trying to fit in/make their own path in life, sexual abuse, and so much more. So far everything has been pretty well balanced, let’s hope that continues!

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