Review: Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1

Series: Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1
Writer: Danny Lore
Artist: Karen S. Darboe
Colorist: Chris Peter
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: February 1, 2023

Ohhhh, a new Blade series? Better yet, a series about his family – specifically his daughter? Um, yes, please! Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 is exactly the sort of series I’ve been hoping for. I just hadn’t realized it until now.

Brielle Brooks is your typical teenage girl. She loves sports, gets into trouble with her teachers (even when she’s done nothing wrong), and may or may not be developing superpowers. Wait, what was that last one?

While it may seem like Daughter of Blade #1 is your typical ‘teenage-girl-gets-superpowers story, I feel it will be anything but. For one thing, the subtlety and slight sense of humor are so on point; I love it.

For another? As the daughter of Blade, you just know she’s going to get into all sorts of mayhem, and she’s not going to play the stereotypical superhero role either. I can’t wait to see where this plot leads!

The artwork is perfect – bold and charming. I love Brielle’s design and look forward to watching her learn how to fight and deal with her new abilities.

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Review: Ghost-Spider #10 (Marvel)

There’s Only So Much Room For Heroes in Ghost-Spider #10

Gwen Stacy is back; from the looks of it, she’s about to get into more trouble than ever in Ghost-Spider #10. This is a young woman who has seen it all, from the death of her best friend to a multidimensional war. Now? Now she’s got a whole different problem to deal with.

The reappearance of two famous siblings in her world has been a plot steadily building up for several issues now, and it seems like something will finally come of it. Combine that with the events of Outlawed, and Gwen is in for more trouble than she realizes.

If you haven’t read Outlawed, it isn’t a requirement for this issue – but it will become relevant in future issues. It’s okay to dive right in, of course; just be aware that you’ll probably get some spoilers for that event if you do things that way.


Seanan McGuire is still at the helm with Ghost-Spider #10, and her long-form storytelling is seriously starting to pay off in this issue. All of the subtle hints dropped throughout the last few issues are coming to fruition, which is an extremely satisfying feeling.

Of course, it’s hard not to be concerned for Gwen at the same time…though it will be fascinating to see how she works her way through this particular situation. She may feel she’s down to limited choices, but this character always finds a way.

There is so much to love about this issue, to be blunt. There’s drama, a brilliant fight sequence, tension, and even a few moments of humor wrapped all together. It made for a well-balanced issue that will go by in the blink of an eye and leave you anxious to see what happens next.

I sincerely love the story being told about these siblings (being vague and intentional to avoid spoilers). McGuire has crafted something truly sinister here, all while wrapping it up in a pretty bow. That just adds to the chills of what has happened – and what will surely follow.


Ghost-Spider #10 had brilliant artwork to go with the plot, and several scenes stole the show. The lead artist was Ig Guara, with colors by Ian Herring and lettering by VC’s Clayton Cowles.

Together they created a memorable issue and some dynamic scenes alongside it. The fight scene was compelling, with extra touches that went such a long way in adding to the impact of what was happening.

Meanwhile, Gwen’s appearance received another change, and it’s one that fans will be thrilled by (at least, I know I was!). All of these little details are going to make for an interesting next issue when you think about it.


We’ve received another fun and thrilling issue with Ghost-Spider #10, all while setting the stakes for something more. I love that all of those subtle moments before now added to something, and I sincerely cannot wait to see how far those elements will be pushed.

Ghost-Spider is quickly becoming a series to watch, as unparalleled risks are being taken (see what I did there?). Combine that with Outlawed’s events, and something quite intense and amazing is going on.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender Chibis Vol. 1: Aang’s Unfreezing Day

Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Last Airbender Chibis
Writer: Kelly Leigh Miller
Artist: Diana Sim
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Released: December 7, 2021

Oh, my goodness. Did you know there’s a chibi version of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Because I certainly didn’t! Where has this been all of my life?! Let’s dive into Avatar: The Last Airbender Chibis Vol. 1: Aang’s Unfreezing Day.

As you might have guessed, Aang’s Unfreezing Day is as cute and charming as one might have hoped. It revolves around our favorite Airbender and a surprise his friends are desperately trying to keep from him. Easier said than done. We all know how nosy Aang can get.

Honestly, this break from the normal storytelling style was refreshing and fun. Yes, it fits into an odd place in the continuity, but that’s okay! It lets us celebrate the characters and their relationships. No need to dig deeper.

I’m just going to say it: I would die for chibi Appa. That is all.

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Review: Ghost-Spider #8 (Marvel Comics)

Multiverses And Strange Laws in Ghost-Spider #8

Gwen Stacy’s multi-dimensional adventures continue in Ghost-Spider #8. Once again, we’re reminded of all the differences in Gwen’s universe, not least of which is the difference between the classic heroes we know and their alternates in other dimensions.

The differences between Gwen’s world and Earth 616 have been fascinating. It also feels like they’re piling higher than ever. A fact that this plot will likely contribute towards. It will be interesting to see how all of it will come together.

Before diving into this review, I wanted to bring one thing up quickly. If you’re planning on reading Outlawed #1 this week, make a point of reading that first. Ghost-Spider #8 will directly reference events that happened in it and thus will contain spoilers. If you’re not planning on following that event, don’t worry! This issue will quickly get you up to speed, so you shouldn’t have any issues.


Ghost-Spider #8 is another fast-paced read, thanks in part to the fact that it feels like it is split neatly into two plots. There’s the plot revolving around the latest dimensional mystery. And then there’s the plot tying into Outlawed.

Both plots were fascinating, but for different reasons. I also love how Seanan McGuire balanced the two, giving them space to exist and grow. It’s hard to say how much the two will end up interacting, and that’s part of why they work so well together here.

The steady buildup of the first plot starts to become much more alarming with time. The foreshadowing is strong, to say the least. Considering how many different elements are being pulled into this one plot, that’s not surprising.

Then there’s Outlawed. Or, more accurately, Gwen’s reaction to it. I rather like that it was an emotional take on what happened. It’s also refreshing to see how Gwen’s life is being affected by major events on Earth 616. It is something McGuire could probably have glossed over, should she have desired it. But I’m grateful she gave us the insight while looking forward to seeing how it develops.


The artwork in Ghost-Spider #8 is superb. First, I want to draw your attention to the fantastic cover. I’m absolutely in love with it! Gwen rocking out on her drums, with her suit on full display. It looks incredible, don’t you think?

The artwork inside is equally remarkable. Once again, there are many little elements snuck into the sidelines. Just little moments of foreshadowing that may or may not amount to something. I love that these elements are being shown rather than actively told.

Ig Guara was the lead artist for this issue, working alongside Ian Herring for the colors and VC’s Clayton Cowles for lettering. Together they went all out for the artwork in this issue. A wide array is portrayed, including emotional reactions, action, and impending drama.

As always, there are a few truly outstanding highlights. In this instance, I’d have to say it’s how our artists have portrayed the movement of Gwen’s suit. It’s so raw and organic, as well as reactive. It’s perfect, not only in reminding us what it is but as a device for showing Gwen’s emotional state.


Ghost-Spider #8 was a shockingly intense issue that moved steadily forward with the main plot. All while providing insight into Gwen’s reaction to what is happening on Earth 616 (‘the main’ universe).

I am very much looking forward to seeing what the next issue brings with it. While this one does not end with a cliffhanger, it is more than enough to keep me on the edge of my seat.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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Review: Farmhand #19

Series: Farmhand
Writer: Rob Guillory
Artist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Publisher: Image Comics
Released: July 20, 2022

While I may be behind in reading Farmhand, I can say with complete honesty it is worth getting caught up in. How do I know? Even after all these months, Farmhand #19 hit me right in the feels – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Farmhand #19 shows readers how the world is still falling apart. At least in this corner of the world. The machinations of a certain villain are still going strong. Not that I have any clue what the ultimate goal is. One character is convinced they know the plan (or at least who the true villain is). But I guess only time will tell if they are correct or not.

This issue had a big emotional hit, wrapped up with the increasing mystery of the past. What happened all those years ago? What kicked it off – and how deep do those secrets lie? It’s impossible not to be invested in this quest, even if it will bring us down a horrifying path.

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Review: Ghost-Spider #7 (Marvel)

Powers and Privilege in Ghost-Spider #7

Gwen Stacy, aka Ghost-Spider, hails from Earth 65. In this universe, things and people tend to be vastly different from what we’re used to seeing. Ghost-Spider #7 further reinforces that fact as we get to know two variants of fan-favorite heroes.

Gwen’s universe is both similar and dissimilar from Earth 616. That’s something the fans have learned by this point. But sometimes, those differences can be quite shocking, especially when a character who is typically a hero or antagonist rears their head.

Perhaps that is the reason why this new plot is so exciting – we’re about to dive headfirst into the story of two beloved characters. Or rather, their alternate versions. But what sort of changes will be in store?


Ghost-Spider #7 is several different stories wrapped into a single issue. We know that, eventually, these plots will end up merging together. But for now, they’re still distinct and, as such, require careful planning.

On the bright side, Seanan McGuire has repeatedly proven to her fans that she’s fully capable of complex plots. So juggling a few new character arcs is no big deal for her. That is evidenced here, with an issue full of flashbacks, introductions, and personal concerns (for Gwen, that is).

This issue was interesting for several different reasons. Gwen’s crime fighting is always a plus (and is almost used as comic relief here), as is her love towards her father. Then there’s the new antagonist (presumably) on the scene, alongside the new characters…who will surely complicate Gwen’s happy balance.

This is one of those plots that raises dozens of questions in the early game. I doubt they’ll be answered in time – but boy, I look forward to finding those answers. It’s also a fitting theme, given everything that Gwen has gone through.


Ghost-Spider #7 has a lot of artwork worth talking about. There are two distinct timelines, as well as several different perspectives. These changes are immediately clear, thanks to color palette changes and other subtle indicators.

One thing I love about this issue is how casually the spider imagery is woven into Gwen’s daily life. This makes sense, given that her suit is made up of hundreds of little spiders. But it’s nice to see the artists running with that.

Ig Guara is the lead artist for this issue, providing the lines and framework. I’m especially partial to the subtle indications of a costume change on Gwen’s part (she changes outfits several times in this one issue). It may be a small compliment, but it enhanced the experience.

Ian Herring was responsible for the coloring, and their work is fantastic. The colors make this issue. They’re bright and vibrant, especially around Gwen. It makes her story feel so much more alive. And provides an interesting juxtaposition of the past (and the characters involved).

Finally, VC’s Clayton Cowles was the letterer for this issue, and they did a brilliant job. The sound effects, in particular, really stand out, but everything about the letters have clearly been carefully planned out.


Ghost-Spider #7 was a fascinating read that brought two new characters to the forefront alongside an old antagonist to counter their appearance. I, for one, am insanely excited to see where this goes. The whole new plot is balanced out nicely by the new harmony that Gwen seems to have found in her own life.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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Review: The Variants #5 (2022)

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: December 7, 2022

Gail Simone’s famous series comes to a conclusion in The Variants #5. I’ll admit, I’m sad to see it go. This series was phenomenal. Not only did it take risks (and have fun doing so), but it hit as hard as Jessica Jones. I don’t think I need to explain how hard that is!

Anytime we have alternate dimensions and variants, there’s the chance that the plot will get super out there. And while Variants danced that line, it did so with a strong sense of cohesion. That held the story together. Okay, that and my love of Jessica Jones. Sue me.

I think this is the ending the series deserved, though again, I’m devastated to see it go. With any luck, this won’t be the last adventure of this kind. After all, the groundwork has been laid.

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Review: Ghost-Spider #6 (Marvel)

The Perks of Being A Superhero in Ghost-Spider #6

Ghost-Spider #6 is a different sort of issue when Gwen Stacy gives herself a chance to breathe for a few moments. Though that won’t stop her from stumbling across trouble – that seems to be a talent of hers.

Everybody needs a break, even the one, and only Ghost-Spider. Things have been hectic lately, and it’s about time that Gwen allowed herself to have some fun. And to treat her friends/fellow bandmates to some fun as well.

This issue is going to be perfect for the fans out there that have been desperate for more comparisons between the different earths.


Ghost-Spider #6 is one of those issues that surprises you with how much information has been snuck into the pages. Given that Seanan McGuire is at the helm of the series, that probably shouldn’t be so surprising. But it is impressive.

This issue is full of flashbacks, introductions, fun, and action. It seems like Gwen is still being pulled in a hundred different directions – but she’s starting to master balancing all of it. There’s something so liberating about seeing Gwen this free and happy.

Perhaps the most notable part of this issue isn’t the positive side but rather the effort spent introducing a new plot. You see, those flashbacks were shown to us with intent. There’s something bigger going on here, and it feels like it will blow wide open in the next issue.

Gwen’s latest adventure was the ideal balance. It was fun and light while still being packed with action and foreshadowing. It’s exactly what a fan could hope for regarding an issue spent establishing a trend. And I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing what happens next.


As mentioned above, a lot is going on in Ghost-Spider #6. The fact that the artistic team can keep up with the changes makes it all the more impressive. We have flashbacks from two different sets of people alongside several present-day events. And yet they’re all clear and distinct.

Additionally, there’s a fairly satisfying bit of action that occurs. That scenario was fun to see because it showed just how useful Ghost-Spider could be in that situation. Artists Ig Guara and Rosi Kampe worked well together here to provide us with something both light and dynamic.

Then there’s the color palette provided by Ian Herring. Those colors are divine – especially the transitions between the different scenes. The bright colors match each scenario perfectly while also providing some intense backdrops to look at.

Finally, there’s VC’s Clayton Cowles, the letterer for this issue. Their work is always solid, but I found myself especially fond of the work shown in this issue. Especially regarding all of the sound effects shown.


Ghost-Spider #6 was a fun diversion for our Gwen Stacy – while also taking the time to set up something looming on the horizon. It’s a perfect balance that will go a long way in holding our interest.

I can’t wait to see what sort of twist this latest revelation will cause. But we’ll just have to be patient for the next issue, huh?

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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Review: Scarlet Witch #1 (2023)

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Sara Pichelli
Inking Assistant: Elisabetta D’Amico
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: January 4, 2023

Ahhhh! Yes! Scarlet Witch has always been one of my favorite comic series, and I’ve been missing it in recent years. So you can imagine my joy at the release of Scarlet Witch #1. Written by Steve Orlando, this issue has a ton of artists backing it up: Sara Pichelli, Elisabetta D’Amico, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Cory Petit. I want to thank each and every one of them for bringing my favorite character back to her own solo series.

This issue starts with a moment of intrigue – what is Wanda up to, and where will it lead? From there, we’re quickly thrown into the action, almost literally. The pace keeps up from there, with a few surprising cameos along for the ride.

There are two core plots of Scarlet Witch #1. The first is the overarching project Wanda is working on; the second is related to this but still distinct. The latter plot reminded me a lot of the Purple Man, but with a few unique twists. It was almost nostalgic, and I love how it was handled (including how Wanda handled it).

I’ve been looking forward to this series for weeks, and Scarlet Witch #1 proves it was worth the wait! Now to kill some time before the next issue drops…

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Review: Captain Marvel #45

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Sergio Davila
Inker: Sean Parsons
Colorists: Arif Prianto and Yen Nitro
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: January 4, 2023

Onward with the Revenge of the Brood in Captain Marvel #45. Though, is anyone else wondering what precisely they’re getting revenge on? After all, they’re supposedly in a moment of peace. Granted, we all knew that wasn’t going to last.

I mentioned a bit of dissonance in the last issue due to a sudden jump. That (intentionally) continues here, though it isn’t long before the characters catch up. I’ll admit that it was satisfying to see. More importantly, Carol has a very human reaction to what happened, and I think I love her even more for it. I certainly love Kelly Thompson more for including this moment.

Captain Marvel #45 is full of action. Again, Brood. It’s going to happen. Despite all of this action, it feels like we’re being set up for something even bigger. That probably means there will be a lot more action (and danger) on the horizon.

The artistic team did an excellent job of bringing the events of this issue to life. Sergio Davila (pencils), Sean Parsons (ink), Arif Prianto (colors), Yen Nitro (colors), and VC’s Clayton Cowles (letters) were all involved in this project, and I love it. For me, the highlight would have to be either all the fighting or the slightly manic expressions of some of our favorite characters. Not that I blame them, given the situation.

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