Review: Miles to Go

Author: B. Clay Moore
Artist: Stephen Molnar
Colorist: Stephen Molnar
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Released: December 2021
Received: Edelweiss

Miles to Go is the latest graphic novel to come from the mind of B. Clay Moore, Stephen Molnar, and Thomas Mauer. It is impossible to run from one’s past forever in this story. Eventually, there’s nowhere else to run.

Amira Bishop is a woman with many secrets. She is a single mother with a tragic backstory. But there’s one major twist. She wasn’t raised as most kids were. No, her past is much darker, with a ledger running red.

Unfortunately for those that chose to mess with Amira, she’s willing to come out of her retired state to keep her family safe. Enacting revenge for the death of her mentor will just be a bonus at this point.

Miles to Go blends together many familiar tropes and stories, turning them into something new and unexpected. We have a secret past, hidden ties, a need for rescuing, and revenge wrapped up all into one neat little bundle. Actually, it isn’t quite so neat. Murder hardly ever is, right?

Amira’s story is interesting, as it slowly unravels before the reader’s eyes. She was trained to be an assassin, but the birth of her daughter helped her change her ways for a time. But we all know that there’s one thing that can get a mama bear’s blood boiling – threatening her daughter.

There were some twists in here that I truly didn’t see coming, and I appreciate that. It took the story to a new level, leaving me looking forward to the next volume in this tale as I have no doubt that it is far from over.

Thanks to AfterShock and #Edelweiss for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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