Manga Monday: Falling Drowning Vol. 1

Series: Falling Drowning
Author/Artist: Yuko Inari
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Released: February 2, 2022
Received: NetGalley

I’ve been trying to make a point of taking more risks and picking up new manga series as they come across my searching. Sometimes those risks don’t pay off. Other times I find a new favorite series to follow. Falling Drowning is the latter, as this is clearly going to be a series I follow from here on out. Written and illustrated by Yuko Inari, Falling Drowning Vol. 1 is an endearing start to this series.

Honatsu is a girl who has been through more than she lets on. She’s starting her second year of high school, and the rumors are already spreading. At least this time, the rumors are positive, as people believe she is dating her best friend, Toma.

Honatsu isn’t opposed to the idea of dating Toma, to be clear. She’s just not sure if what she feels for him is love. The appearance of Shun Tachibana further amplifies this concern. There’s something about him, but again, she’s not quick to call these feelings love.

When I say that Falling Drowning is a new favorite series of mine, I am not overstating. I keep checking to see if the shop has updated, so I can just subscribe to the series and get each volume the day they release. That’s how swept up I am with Falling Drowning Vol. 1.

Right away, it’s pretty clear that something is going on with Honatsu’s character. She’s sweet and determined, but the overprotective nature of her friends hints at something else happening behind the scenes. This mystery pulls readers in while setting the scene for a potential romantic plot. It’s all wonderfully done.

No matter how you look at it, Falling Drowning Vol. 1 offers several potential romantic tropes for fans to fall head over heels for. Either it is friend-to-lover, or it is a mild version of enemies-to-lovers. Either way, the fans are going to win. Not to mention the whole love triangle aspect, mixed in with the mystery of Honatsu’s past.

On the note of romantic triangles, we have Toma and Shun. Toma is a sweet guy with strong ‘boy next door’ vibes. He adores Honatsu, and will clearly do anything for her. Shun overall offers the opposite vibes. He’s dark and moody. Yet all of his gruffness gives the impression he’s working too hard to avoid caring.

Overall, I really enjoyed Falling Drowning Vol. 1. I legit cannot wait for the second volume to release, especially since this volume concluded with a tease of a hint towards Honatsu’s past. More, please!

Thanks to Kodansha Comics and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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