Tapas Tuesdays: The Little Trashmaid

Genre: Comedy
Availability: Free
Status: Updating


The Little Trashmaid is essentially the Little Mermaid, but taking pollution into account. Tidy (the trashmaid, obviously) has many endearing and sometimes heartbreaking adventures with her two human friends. It’s chaotic and primarily nonverbal, making it an approachable comic for all readers.

This series tackles serious subjects, such as pollution, conservation, and the need for cleaner water. If these topics are near and dear to you, you’ll likely enjoy the commentary in these comics.

My Review:

The Little Trashmaid is one of my favorite webcomics of all time. For the record, it isn’t just on Tapas. It’s also on Webtoon and Patreon (yes, I’m a subscriber to their Patreon and want to support their message). It’s incredible and admittedly quite heavy at times, but I cherish it.

This series is essentially vital commentary wrapped up in a more approachable lens. It’s easier to see why cleaning up beaches matters when watching a cute little mermaid run (erm, swim) around through all the debris. The sense of humor and slice-of-life nature of the comics helps to keep them from getting too heavy, despite the subject material.

I did a longer write-up about The Little Trashmaid for Monkeys Fighting Robots, which says a lot about how much I adore this series. So, go check it out (the series, I mean, though you can also check out my article).


  • Little Mermaid with pollution
  • Slice of Life
  • Quirky and Endearing Characters

Trigger Warnings:

  • Pollution
  • Heartbreaking Scenes
  • Damage to mermaids and other sea critters caused by pollution and trash.

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