Review: Soul Eater Vol. 2

Series: Soul Eater
Writer/Artist: Atsushi Ohkubo
Publisher: Yen Press
Released: November 22, 2004
Received: Own


In a world where witches, minions, and tainted souls exist, there must also be those that stand against them. These people are known as Weapon Meisters and their Weapons. They are charged with devouring tainted souls and protecting the world.

Unfortunately, our favorite teams are struggling a bit. As such, Maka, Soul, Black★Star, and Tsubaki have been assigned to remedial training. This sends them off on an adventure, first to learn what happened to their fallen teacher and then to hunt down the infamous Dr. Stein.

My Review:

Ah, the chaos that is Soul Eater. I had almost forgotten how much I love this series. Likewise, I had forgotten that the second volume kicks off some of the best plot arcs in the series. So if you were wondering how long it’ll take to get invested, my money says: not long at all.

Soul Eater Vol. 2 is a fantastic volume, not just for the above reasons. We got more character development (especially for Maka and Soul) alongside several hilarious moments. Those moments help balance the intensity of (some of) what follows.

This series is excellent if you love battles, humor, and strong character connections. I promise you’ll find all three within the pages (along with a fair share of fan service, so if that is not your cup of tea, please keep this in mind).


  • First in the Series
  • Shinigami
  • Paranormal
  • Humorous

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