Review: Nu Way#1


Nu Way#1
Publisher: Aspen Comics
Rating: 4 Star

Nu Way is a new series by Aspen Comics, and it’s been interesting so far. I love the artwork of the cover. Actually, if I’m being completely honest with you that’s probably the reason why I picked up this comic to begin with.

The artwork for this issue was absolutely striking. I loved everything from the details in the cities shown, the cybernetic implants, the facial expressions, to the color palette. It was all sharp and showed a high attention to detail. That alone made this one worth reading for me.

The plot took me a little bit longer to really get into. Everything started off with a fight, which is okay, of course, as it does a wonderful job of grabbing one’s attention. However it also sews confusion and takes a little longer for us to establish who the main characters are. At least that was so in this case.

Once I figured out who was who, and more importantly who I was supposed to care about, things got a lot easier for me. Zihao is one of those characters that you just can’t help but feel for. He started on the bottom, and while he certainly isn’t on the top yet, he’s working for it. It’s hard not to respect that. The problem is he’s taken a rough and dangerous route to get there. Likely he thought it was his only option (and since he knows his world better than I do, I can only assume he’s correct).

The hint at a love interest/complication was a nice touch. It brought Zihao’s humanity and past up to the forefront, giving us even more reason to care for him. Plus now we naturally care for Cassi as well. Like Zihao she also came from the bottom. It looks like she’s made it, but we all know that looks can be deceiving. I have a feeling we’ll learn more details about her and her progress in upcoming issues.

The cliffhanger at the end was an interesting choice. I would have guessed that they were going to keep Zihao as organic as possible, to help keep his human appeal (to both us and the fans watching the fights). We don’t know how Zihao feels about the idea though, so there’s still a chance things won’t go that way. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue.


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