Review: Magic Order #3

Magic Order 3

Magic Order #3
Publisher: Netflix/Image Comics
Released: August 25th 2018

4 Star

The Magic Order is a bit of a collaborative project between Netflix and Image. It’s the first big comic project for Netflix, and I’ve got to say it’s been holding up. I wasn’t sure what to expect back when I picked up the first issue. Thanks to the title I knew it was about magic, obviously, and the artwork made me think it was going to be a darker series, something I was fine with. But beyond that? I wasn’t sure.

It certainly is a darker series, to be sure. The story so far has been one of a feud between different magical families/factions, and man is it a bloody one. Between the family alignment and the time period of the series, it actually reminds me of the way mob families would duke it out. I suspect that’s intentional.

In this series I would have to say that it’s the little moments that really make it. Like the mention of Oricalcum, or turning a man into a candle. The most iconic scene for me would have to be the one in the first issue still (the introduction of the series itself, actually, being the very first scene shown), though there were a couple of moments that gave it a run for its money in this issue.

I will say that while I’ve been loving the artwork for this series, the original cover for this issue isn’t my favorite. It’s a little too heavy handed, all things considered. However there are a few alternative covers, and I did find one that I really loved. I do love it when they make alternates.

I’m not sure if Netflix is considering turning this into another show series or if they’re just testing the waters in a new media. I think I’d be okay with either outcome, truth be told. This story, while fascinating, may do better on the comic book pages than on the small screen. But I could be wrong on that count (and I’d be happy about that). I do like the idea of some of the Netflix original series getting their own comic series as well. I know Stranger Things has one on the way as well, but how many more will we end up seeing?

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