Review: Giant Days #43

Giant Days 43

Giant Days #43
Publisher: Boom! Box
Released: October 3rd 2018
Rating: 4 Star

Another fantastic and silly Giant Days issue. Though I’ll admit it feels weird to be reading about Christmas when Halloween hasn’t even happened yet…I guess even comics get ahead of the seasons?

This issue focused on Ed and Daisy the most. It seems odd that their two plots got so mixed up together…but it also sort of makes sense. Daisy’s enthusiasm is impossible to resist at times, even when logic is screaming at you to run away.

I love how Daisy seems to be constantly getting herself into this particular problem. I mean, really, how many people accidentally join a cult even once? Let alone multiple times. At a certain point you’d think she’d learn the warning signs…then again Daisy has this sweet way of assuming that everyone is just as nice as she is. Thus she doesn’t always pick up on the fact that she’s being taken advantage of.

I’m sad that we didn’t get to see Esther or Susan truly rage about the situation this issue. I would have loved for Susan to go tearing through the area about halfway through – even if the end result was a shorter issue. That would have just been so satisfying.


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