Review: Wonder Woman Justice League Dark Witching Hour

Wonder Woman Justice League Dark Witching Hour

Wonder Woman Justice League Dark Witching Hour
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: October 3rd 2018
Rating: 4 Star

Try saying the title of this issue ten times fast. But seriously, this isn’t an issue to skip if you’ve been following the Justice League Dark plot that’s been occurring. If you’ve been up to date in the series, then you’re aware that something odd is going on with Diana, and this issue takes the time to explore what exactly that is…

To be honest I’m not really sure why they went ahead and put this one in its own category. It’s important to the Justice League Dark series, and it won’t make any sense on its own. I’m looking at it more like it was an annual than anything else. But even then I think I’d have been happier had this just been the next issue in Dark.

As for the issue itself – I think this one really managed to nail the darker tones they’ve been going for this whole time. That bar scene, with Constantine sitting on the side was so creepy and disturbing – on so many levels.

I’m not sure how I feel about the revelation of what’s behind Diana’s…new condition/ability. It makes more sense than a lot of other things they could have come up with, to be sure, and it does fit thematically with Diana’s character and past. But it feels like it’s missing something.


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