Review: Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #1

SpiderGwen Ghost Spider 1

Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #1
Publisher: Marvel
Released: October 24th 2018
Rating: 4 1/2 Star

I have been looking forward to this series releasing ever since I first hear about it. And then I had to multiply that by ten when I found out one of my favorite authors had been brought into Marvel to write it. So there may be a slight bias in my rating and review, but to be fair Seanan McGuire has absolutely earned my loyalty, so it probably all balances out.

Admittedly I haven’t actually caught up with the last couple volumes of Spider-Gwen, so I’m not completely up to date, but I didn’t want to get any further behind (or wait even a single day longer to read Seanan McGuire’s version). Because of that I have clearly missed some history and context for what is happening…but all things considered not as much as I expected. Actually, if a new fan wanted to jump in here they probably could. They wouldn’t have the origin of her powers, or the antagonists she’s always up against, but what isn’t easy to guess so far hasn’t been relevant, or has been explained enough to move on with.

This was a fantastic start to the new series. It felt fun and full of life, and immediately drew me into the plot. It was great seeing Gwen back in action, and I can now see why they waited for Spider-Geddon to reboot the series.

I have always loved the way they alter everything between the universes, the ones we’re used to seeing and the ones that our characters ultimately end up getting thrown into. I can safely tell you that the trend continues in this issue, though obviously I won’t spoil any details.

The sheer level of sass on the pages of this issue is amazing. Gwen has always been fairly spot on with her banter – maybe not to the same level as Peter Parker, but close. Here we see an all new Gwen, sassing her backstory (both in the previous comics and the movie versions of herself) left and right. The subtle fourth wall breaking was refreshing, but also really quite amusing. It was a nice touch.

The artwork was perfect. It was everything I’ve come to expect for Spider-Gwen, but I feel like the artist was more freely using color in this issue. Maybe it’s my excitement talking, but it all seemed so much brighter than other comics that came out this week (I’m mainly referring to the trend of using a more grungy tone).

If you’re planning on reading Spider-Geddon and Spider-Girls at the same time, I believe there’s a specific reading order to them. At least for what released today. The order for today’s comics should be Spider-Geddon #2, Spider-Girls #1, follow by Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #1.



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