Review: Hidden Society #1

Hidden Society #1

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Rafael Scavone
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
Colorist: Marcelo Costa
Letterer: Bernardo Brice
Released: February 26th, 2020
Rating: 4 Star

Hidden Society #1 is the start of a new series from Dark Horse Comics. This is a series, unsurprisingly, about a Hidden Society. Or rather, the Hidden Society. In a world where magic is real, only so many are willing to do what it takes to stop corruption.

Hidden Society is a series that merges many genres, including action and adventure, crime, and fantasy. That makes for a unique read, one that will be as unpredictable as it is entertaining. At the helm of this project, you’ll find Rafael Scavone (writer), Rafael Albuquerque (artist), Marcelo Costa (colorist), and Bernardo Brice (letterer).

Hidden Society #1 alt

The Plot

Hidden Society #1 is already making the unique and fascinating qualities of this series quite clear. There are several…interesting…characters that have to be brought together in order to form (or reform) the Hidden Society. And that requires us to get to know a large number of them all at once.

That being said, I actually loved the way each and every character has been introduced so far. They all are utterly different from one another, and thus their origin stories (so to speak) are all dramatically different. It made for a quick-paced introduction.

As for the core of the plot? That has only been hinted at thus far. It’s clear that there’s something much more dangerous lurking behind what is visible. It’s almost a feeling, though the darker elements of each character’s backstory help to imply it as well. It will be interesting to see that all openly discussed, perhaps in the next issue?

I’m actually really enjoying the combination of themes and elements here. It feels like it’s something I’ve been looking for, as the crime elements allow for a much darker and grittier fantasy series.

Hidden Society #1 pg1

The Art

The artwork behind Hidden Society #1 is dramatic and bold – exactly what this plot needed, and what I was hoping for. There’s a lot to love about this series, from the character designs to the settings.

Let’s talk about those characters, and their introductions for a moment, shall we? Each character had their own dramatic intro, with one exception. There is one pair introduced at the same time, but it made thematic sense.

Each introduction seemed to have its own color palette. Or rather, a dominant color that could be spotted throughout. It was a really nice touch. It not only emphasized the different backgrounds here but set the tone for each character.

Hidden Society #1 pg2

In Conclusion

Hidden Society #1 is a fascinating start to a series, as well as being an engrossing one. I honestly can’t wait to see more of these characters interacting – and more of the threat they’re about to face.

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