Review: Falcon & Winter Soldier #1

Falcon and Winter Soldier #1

Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Derek Landy
Artist: Federico Vicentini
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Released: February 26th, 2020
Rating: 4 Star

Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 is the start to a new miniseries, following two heroes who have both borne the same mantle, once upon a time. While that fact may be true, these two heroes couldn’t be more different if they tried. That is admittedly what makes their interactions so entertaining for the fans.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this series was launched in order to increase the hype for the Disney+ series. But I also have no problem with that, as these two are highly entertaining to watch together.

One thing I will say right off the bat for this issue? The title page took a minute to quickly (very quickly) go through both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes’ backstory. That’ll make it easier for any new fans to pick it up. That’s something I always love seeing because new fans are always a great thing (especially in the comic book world).

Falcon and Winter Soldier #1

The Plot

Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 was a seriously entertaining read. Right from the first pages, it draws fans in. Though perhaps I’m biased here, as I really enjoyed seeing Barnes go above and beyond in regards to protecting his cat. It was a nice touch that sold this crazy cat lady on the series.

What was great about this first issue is that it provided reasons for both heroes to care. It’s one of those classic situations where they ended up on the same path, not because one asked the other for help, but because they were tracking two totally different things. Or, in this case, people.

Derek Landy was the writer for this issue, and so far I’m loving what he’s doing with this team dynamic. They’re not exactly willing, which is a fact I adore. But they do work well together, you know, when they actually agree to do so.

The whole concluding scene has left me anxious to see what will happen in the next issue. I’m already a little bit sad that this is only going to be a miniseries, instead of something longer.

Falcon and Winter Soldier #1 pg1

The Art

Falcon & Winter Solider #1 had a pretty fantastic artistic team at the helm. Federico Vicentini was the lead artist, with Matt Milla providing colors, and VC’s Joe Caramagna doing the lettering. Together they made an interesting plot so much more.

One thing everyone knew right off the bat; this was going to be a series full of action and fighting. Thankfully, this team is up for that challenge. I personally loved their portrayal, showing off several different fight scenes (and the aftermath).

There’s a real sense of impact and motion during those scenes. It made them more thrilling to see, naturally. It also really showed off how differently Sam and Bucky fight, which is a major highlight in my book.

Falcon and Winter Soldier #1 pg2

In Conclusion

Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 was everything I had hoped it would be. It was intense and engaging. And it wasn’t afraid to throw in a little comic relief, courtesy of these two drastically different heroes interacting with one another.

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