Review – Deadpool #2 (Marvel Comics)

A King Will Always Face Trouble in Deadpool #2

Deadpool #2 is quick to remind us of all the changes in this series. But since this is Deadpool we’re talking about, change isn’t exactly a new concept. However, it is full of chaos and insanity.

Staten Island just hasn’t been the same since the King of the Monsters took it over. And by that, we, of course, mean Deadpool because Deadpool is a born and natural leader. Right? On the bright side, he now has Jeff the Land Shark to help him keep things in order.

Naturally, plenty of people out there are less than comfortable with the idea of monsters taking over part of New York. Even more, people don’t love the idea of it being Deadpool, who is in charge of them. And that’s…fair.


Deadpool #2 is a fun and chaotic issue. It’s full of all the quirks and charms known to Deadpool, but with some twists thrown into the mix. After all, this is a Deadpool who’s trying to become a leader. Granted, he hasn’t been doing a great job of keeping an eye on his people…but he’s trying!

You can tell that Kelly Thompson is having a lot of fun writing this new series. You can see her creative flair popping up all over the place, but especially regarding the characters, she’s pulled into the mix. I’m not going to lie: I adore the addition of Jeff the Land Shark in this series. It’s cute and funny all in one. (I might be biased here since I adore the little dude).

Despite all of the fun and silliness, there is a serious underbelly in this plot. For there are people who are very unhappy with the situation, which usually makes for a dangerous time. But then again, doesn’t power always come with risks?

There was one rather shocking moment in this issue. Well, perhaps shocking isn’t the right word. Deadpool had a moment, and it’s one of those rare moments that cut to the quick. It’s a bit unexpected given what’s going on, but it also fits in well with his character.

This issue seemed to have the right balance between humor, action, and intensity. Granted, it leans a bit more towards the mood than most series, but given who we’re talking about, I wouldn’t expect anything less.


Deadpool #2 should be proud of the sheer number of artists involved in it. And the result was something memorable, so clearly, that was the right choice. These pages are filled with vibrant scenes, some frenzied moments, and more than one cute image of Jeff (there goes my bias again).

Chris Bachalo is the penciler for this issue, and his monsters are so iconic. Combine that with the amount of movement and action he had to include in this issue, and it’s safe to say that I am impressed.

Then there are the inkers for this issue – and that’s where many people got involved. Wayne Faucher, Livesay, Al Vey, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, and Tim Townsend were all involved in the inking process for this issue. To be fair, there are many lines and even more going on in this issue than usual.

David Curiel is the colorist for this issue, and his work is fantastic, as always. He made the monsters bright and animated. That shouldn’t be scary, but it honestly works really well here. It reminds me a lot of the monsters seen in Doctor Strange’s series. And I love that.

Finally, we have VC’s Joe Sabino, the letterer for this issue. With everything going on in this issue, the lettering was probably a bit of a challenge this time around. But he found the right balance and placement for everything, so it never once felt cluttered.


Deadpool #2 was a surprising mix of events and emotions, but the end result was something new and yet so utterly Deadpool. The decision to add new characters (primarily cameos from other series) was an excellent call, as Deadpool is at his best when he has people to interact with.

The conclusion of this issue is one of those moments that will make readers anxious to get their hands on the next issue. It isn’t a cliffhanger. But it is a surprise twist like only Deadpool can produce.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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