Review – Crowded #11 (Image Comics)

The Girl Who Cried Wolf in Crowded #11

Protecting anybody in a world where Reapr campaigns exist is a job easier said than done—but protecting a woman who constantly lies and hides the truth of her actions? That’s a whole new set of trouble, as evidenced in Crowded #11.

Charlie is full of secrets – including, but not limited to, the reason why the campaign on her life has gotten such enormous funding. That makes Vita’s job a lot more complicated. One would think that if the goal was to stay alive, Charlie would be better about telling the truth. But you’d be wrong.

Crowded has been a thrilling and entertaining read from the start. This is a world in which social media and online accessibility are kings, and that comes with the good and the bad. There is plenty of evil in this series, as Vita and Charlie run for their lives. Well, Charlie’s life, at least.


Crowded #11 was a shockingly emotional read, as each of our two main characters desperately searches for grounding and understanding. Vita has plenty of reasons not to trust Charlie. Meanwhile, Charlie made the mistake of allowing herself to catch feelings. That’s a bit of a rat’s nest right there – and that’s before taking into account everything else going on.

Christopher Sebela has done a delightful job of writing such an entertaining and enthralling series. I really do mean it when I say that this has been a favorite of mine and a highlight each month it comes out.

This issue is no exception, as it provides an amusing read, all while increasing the anxiety and concern revolving around their situation. This issue also offered some new information, as well as a fascinating flip on the norm. It’s perfect and oddly karmic if slightly anxiety-inducing for those of us reading along. But that just makes it all the more worth reading.

There is so much wit and charm to be found in this issue, and okay, there’s more than a fair share of bickering as well. But once again, that’s all in the name of entertainment – and is basically a given for this odd couple. It sure will be interesting to see how they get out of this mess.


Crowded #11 features a ton of dynamic and exciting artwork. A missile silo may not sound like the prettiest of settings, and realistically it isn’t. But it does allow for some creative portrayals of space and forces us to focus on the characters and all of their issues.

This is perhaps the most emotionally honest we’ve seen Charlie (which isn’t saying much) and the freest we’ve seen Vita (which is saying something), and that is a striking thing to behold. The artistic team did a brilliant job showcasing these changes, with their expressions being open to read and enjoy.

Ro Stein and Ted Brandt were the lead artists for this issue, working alongside Triona Farrell for colors and Cardinal Rae for lettering. Together you can tell that they had a bit of fun while also providing us with several dynamic scenes worth talking about.


Crowded #11 was a dynamic and charming read, one that pitted our two leading characters against one another, all while forcing them very far out of their element. The twists and turns in this series have been both highly engaging and unpredictable – and worth checking out. I personally can’t wait to see what happens next.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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