Manga Monday: In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Vol. 2

Author/Artist: Mika Yamamori
Publisher: Kodansha
Released: September 21, 2021
Received: Own

A couple of months ago, I read the first volume of In the Clear Moonlit Duskand I was hooked. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait long for the release of volume two! And yes, it is worth the wait – and the read. However, I may be biased, being head over heels and all.

Yoi Takiguchi has always been considered a ‘prince’ by her peers. Her appearance and her actions set her up to be considered a prince among the class, leaving girls swooning after her left and right.

She thought she had come to terms with that part of her life. Right up until the other school prince, Ichimura, started treating her like a girl. Now her heart’s all a flutter, and she just doesn’t know what to make of the situation.

So, right now I imagine you’re wondering; did I love In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Vol. 2 as much as the first? Yes! A hundred times yes. Once again, I was enchanted by this unique and oddly endearing love story, one that is still very much in the early stages.

Admittedly, I like Yoi way more than I like Ichimura. I’m hoping that this is something that will change with time. Right now, Ichimura is kind of aloof and pushy, while Yoi is sweet, naive, and unsure of herself. Plus, she loves sweets. Gotta appreciate that!

 In the Clear Moonlit Dusk is a traditional high-school shoujo, but it still somehow reads as being in a class of its own. Perhaps that is simply because I haven’t been reading much of it lately. Regardless, I love the story and the characters, and can’t wait for the third volume to drop (seriously, I keep checking for release date information).

On that note, are there any series sort of like this that you would recommend? Something I can read while waiting for In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Vol. 3?

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