Review – Captain Marvel #9 (Marvel Comics)

Things Are Not As They Seem in Captain Marvel #9

Raise your hands if the last issue of Captain Marvel hit you in the feels and left you hoping that there was more going on behind the scenes. Everyone? Good. You’re not alone in hoping that Carol was missing the big picture here.

Captain Marvel #9 continues the tale that Carol has been forced to deal with. Her identity and life have been put into chaos, all because of some new developments. Fans of the flying hero likely hurt to see this happen to her, but it’s almost a staple to her series in many ways.


Kelly Thompson really does know how to get her readers emotionally invested, doesn’t she? In Captain Marvel #8 she broke our hearts (by forcing us to see Carol hurting so), and here she’s got us hoping for some significant changes shortly.

This issue reminded me so much of Captain Marvel’s past – how she’s always trying to find a way to be a better hero, and how these curveballs just seem to come out of nowhere and knock her down. Yet she never stays down, does she? I imagine that’s the whole point of these tales.

This plot is slightly different than the other variations we’ve seen, of course. That helps to keep it fresh. The number of supporting characters added into the mix really helped to change things up as well. I think we could all do with seeing the characters in Carol’s life a bit more.

Things are unraveling here, but in ways that are less than predictable. It’s a good thing, but it is leaving us with more questions than answers. Answers I’m sure Captain Marvel #10 will provide.


There is a lot to love about Captain Marvel #9, especially regarding the artwork. Carmen Carnero provided the unique lines for this one, while Tamra Bonvillain continued her run as a colorist. Together they bring Carol’s story to a whole new level.

In short, the artwork really is something to write home about. The colors are brilliant, even in more subdued locations (like in an underground lair), and the lines provide some fascinating scenes.

The highlight of this issue might well go to the secondary characters portrayed. Their concern for Carol was apparent without them needing to say a word, and in general, they looked exactly like they should have, given their other series.

A close second would have to be all of the technology shown. These artists do have a way of rendering projections. It makes for a striking and exciting read.


Captain Marvel #9 continued Carol’s tale in ways that were both unique and familiar. While the plot manages to stay fresh the whole way through, there’s this lingering sense of nostalgia that just can’t be shaken. It fits in well with the undertone of this entire series; Carol facing her past to create a new and better future for herself. In that sense, it’s perfect.

The conclusion for this issue will leave readers anxious for next month’s issue, and with good reason. Only time will tell how Carol is going to handle this whole mess she’s in.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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