Review: Darkhawk (2021) #4

Series: Darkhawk (2021)
Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Juan Ramirez
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: December 1, 2021
Received: Own

I can’t believe we’re already almost at the end of this series. Darkhawk has been a whirlwind of a read. It introduced a new hero to pick up the mantle of Darkhawk, and so far, it has not been afraid to take bold risks with his origin story. These risks have paid off, as I am now fully invested in Conner Young’s story.

Darkhawk #4 is the second to last issue in the series, and I dread saying goodbye. With any luck, we’ll be seeing Conner again. Either in his own series or as a cameo or two in another series. I still have so many questions about his character, how the powers affect him, and so much more.

Kyle Young has not been a hero for very long. He’s only had two battles so far. And one of them hardly counted. He’s still getting his superhero legs. And sometimes, all a new hero needs is an ally that understands. So here is an issue I think we’ve all been waiting for, right?

Once again, I want to take a moment to thank Marvel Comics, Kyle Higgins (writer), Juan Ramirez (artist), Erick Arciniega (colorist), and VC’s Travis Lanham (letterer) for making this series what it is.


Oh my god. I didn’t realize that I needed to see this team up until it happened. Now that it’s happened? I live for it. I breathe for it. More, please! Okay, so I should take a step back, huh? Darkhawk #4 brings together three heroes for a fantastic team-up (if you’re wondering what heroes, just look at the cover).

I love it when team-ups happen, as I adore character interactions such as this. However, team-ups are especially important early in a hero’s story, as it lends credibility to their character (and the threats they face).

In other words, I love the decisions that Kyle Higgins made here. Both the small and the little. It was refreshing getting a chance to see a young hero pick the brain of another young hero and just enjoy their time together.

Naturally, it was also a lot of fun to watch the three of them join forces to deal with a larger threat. I imagine it was also an informative experience, as Conner Young is still working out the whole superhero thing (obviously).

I’m still left with dozens of questions, including a few new ones courtesy of that final page. I know that they won’t all be answered in the final issue (it is not possible to fit that much in a single issue…I think). But I’m okay with that, as it gives me hope we’ll see Conner again.


Wow. So a lot happens in Darkhawk #4, visually, I mean. There’s always a lot happening in the character development and writing department. In this issue, we got not one but two cameos, plus a significant battle scene and a lot of other little scenes worth appreciating.

Juan Ramirez did a fantastic job of keeping up with all of the demands on this issue. The fight scene, in particular, is impressive. It’s one of those battles worth reading through several times, as there are so many details to spot.

Erick Arciniega’s colors helped to enhance those scenes naturally. It looks/feels like there are explosions happening all over the place. Plus, the Darkhawk suit looks brilliant when placed against a solid backdrop. Or fire, as it turned out.

On that note, VC’s Travis Lanham got to have a bit of fun on this issue. The essential and subtle work is still there, of course. But there are more obvious effects, including some that add to the impact of the fight itself.


Darkhawk #4 was an intense read – and thankfully, this team, the intensity came from a battle and not another emotional whirlwind (though I still appreciate the groundwork that was done). It made for a thrilling issue. And it’s going to be more than a little bit interesting to see how the series concludes. Only one issue left!

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