Review – Fairlady #5 (Image Comics)

Time To Say Goodbye in Fairlady #5

Writer Brian Schirmer recently confirmed that Fairlady #5 was to be the last issue in the series. This is a shame for all the fans of the only fairlady. There’s hope that the series may be revived in time, especially given all of the attention it has managed to grab.

Knowing it was the last one (for a while), going into this issue was rough. That being said, it is worth reading, a potent reminder of why Jenner Faulds’ story is one worth following. Fairlady #5 may be the most dramatic issue to date, which makes the series ending all the more devastating.

Fairlady #5 did something different from the rest of the series. Unlike the first four issues, the plot introduced was not one that could have been resolved in just a single issue. One more reason to lament this being the last issue.


Brian Schirmer seriously upped the ante in Fairlady #5. Jenner’s quests have always been on the more dangerous side, but this was something entirely new. Even though they hadn’t planned on the series ending at this point, the issue ended on a shockingly emotional note.

Previously, each of the four issues could have been considered standalone. Of course, they involved the same main characters, but the plots were always wrapped up in a neat little bow. That changed for this issue.

Fairlady #5 pulled in elements from a previous plot to spin a new tale. That combined with the storytelling style used in this issue made it totally different from the others – and many other series out there.

The disjointed method of storytelling in this issue will keep readers in suspense all the way to the conclusion of the issue. And of course, it’ll leave many eager for more as well. Which, as I’ve stated above, is a complete shame.


Fairlady has always had a unique handle on the artwork in the series, and Fairlady #5 is no exception here. The artwork perfectly supports the interesting storytelling methods used, fragmenting the panels in a way that matches the story itself.

Claudia Balboni was the lead artist in this issue, with Marissa Louise and Lesley Atlansky providing the colors. Together, they did a fantastic job bringing the final quest for the series to life.

There are many noteworthy elements in the art for this issue. The movement portrayed one of those elements. They were able to display a lot of action in a very clever way. It resulted in the pages looking busier at times, but that enhanced the pages more than anything.

The color palette was stunning, of course. Here, the artists gave us a night scene that genuinely felt dark and foreboding while still having the page be clear to the readers. This is a balance that isn’t easy to maintain.

Finally, David Bowman was the letterer for this issue, and he did a fantastic job. The lettering has always been an essential element to this series, mainly based on the way the story is told. And Fairlady #5 went above and beyond in that regard.


Fairlady #5 was perhaps the most decisive issue of the series, weaving old plots into the new and creating something so much larger than readers have ever expected. Jenner’s perspective was retrospective in a way that made it oddly perfect for the last issue.

This issue being so brilliant, did make the loss of the series hit home. Many fans are going to be sad to see this one go. Hopefully, there’ll be a second chance later down the line. Until then, appreciate what we’ve been given, right?

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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