Review – Death’s Head #1 (Marvel Comics)

Trials, Tribulations, and Deception in Death’s Head #1, Yes?

Death’s Head has finally gotten his own miniseries, and you just know he’s going to make the most of it. The robotic bounty hunter has always had a way of getting himself into the most unique circumstances, and we’re sure that’s not going to stop now.

Death’s Head #1 introduces our protagonist (not to be confused with hero) and the new mess he’s gotten himself into this time. There are plenty of cameos to be found as well, so fans all over are likely going to enjoy this issue.

This series is going to be a bit out there for some. But for fans of the character, it’s guaranteed to be a bucket of laughs, Yes?


Tini Howard didn’t waste any time introducing our main character or the plot he’s dealing with. Given that this series will only be four issues long, that makes quite a bit of sense. Due to that, Death’s Head #1 is a true whirlwind of events. But it’s a fun sort of chaos that can only come from quirky characters like this one.

It’s always interesting to see what secondary characters will get pulled into a miniseries like this one. That being said, they made some solid choices here. None of the characters are large enough to be distracting on their own, so they’re perfect supporting characters. Even the ones that are doing the exact opposite of supporting Death’s Head. And trust me, there’s a lot of that going around.

While this issue doesn’t take a lot of time explaining the character’s backstory, new fans could likely pick up this issue and get a general idea of what is happening. However, they would likely miss out on several references. The humor would remain intact, at least.


The artwork in Death’s Head #1 is something to behold. It manages to keep up with Death’s Head’s antics, the multiple characters introduced, and some of the quirkiness that comes with outerverse characters like this one.

Kei Zama is the lead artist for the issue, while Felipe Sobreiro did the coloring. Both were effective on their own, but together they’re truly stand out. Zama had a lot of fun drawing some of these characters and scenes, while Sobreiro made them shine.

There were some genuinely odd scenes rendered here and several that moved as quickly as the pace. But there was never any issue telling what was going on, in a visual sense. Even when the pages were at their most cluttered, it’s an impressive feat.


Death’s Head #1 is the start of an insane and hilarious new miniseries. I can see why they are limited to four issues, even while considering it a shame that it won’t go on longer. It’s already proving to be just as fun and chaotic as expected. And it’s pulled in even more named Marvel characters than I was expecting.

This series will be absolutely perfect for all the fans of this bounty hunter. New fans could be found here as well, though I don’t know how they’ll take some of the more specific references. Especially given the lack of hand-holding that occurs. I think it’s worth a shot, especially since it’s such a short run.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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