Manga Monday: The Dawn of the Witch Vol. 1

Series: The Dawn of the Witch
Artist: Tatsuwo
Creator: Kakeru Kobashiri
Character Design: Takashi Iwasaki
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Released: March 23, 2021
Received: NetGalley

It’s that time again! My latest read for Manga Monday is The Dawn of the Witch Vol. 1, another comic from Kodansha. The thing I love about Kodansha Comics is that there is a wide variety of stories and plots to choose from. Sometimes they work out – other times they don’t.

Saybil may not have any memories of his past, but he does have magic, and that’s got to count for something, right? He travels the world with his teacher, Loux, Holt, and Kudo. They’re an odd group, given one of them is beastfallen. It’s not quite your ordinary field trip!

Eh, I’ve got to say that The Dawn of the Witch Vol. 1 was not my cup of tea. It had the markings of an interesting or fun series, but there were just too many elements that I didn’t enjoy. It made it impossible to get comfortable and enjoy the plot.

There’s a lot in this manga, and I don’t necessarily know if that’s a good thing. We’re thrown into the deep end, with lots of dense plots. But there’s no character development and even less reason to care about any of the characters.

Throw in a butt ton of fan service (pun intended, sorry), and it just failed to catch or hold my attention. Maybe the next series will do better!

Thanks to Kodansha Comics and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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