Tapas Tuesdays: I Can See Your Death

Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Availability: Wait Until Free/Paid
Status: Updating


Essie Ash has always been able to see when and how people would die. It’s not comforting to grow up knowing, but she’s learned to cope with it. More importantly, she’s found ways to save those she could. A gentle warning here and there can go a long way, especially when people know to listen.

However, nothing in Essie’s life could prepare her for the adventure she’ll embark on. And it all starts with a prince on the run ending up at her doorstep. To solve the mystery of her abilities, Essie will follow this mystery prince back to the capital – and danger.

My Review:

I was initially drawn to I Can See Your Death because of the lovely artwork – and trust me, that alone would have made this series worth it. But the characters and plot immediately sucked me in. It didn’t take long for me to get hooked on this series!

Essie has a dry humor and a stoic personality. You’d think that would make her dull to read about, but I adore her. Likewise, I find the mystery around her abilities fascinating and look forward to learning more about them. The romantic subplot is a plus, adding tension and more human elements throughout.

I Can See Your Death is the perfect series to check out if you love old-world fantasy vibes, royalty battles, and fantasy romances.


  • Fantasy World
  • Princes and Royalty
  • Grand Adventure
  • Romantic Subplot

Trigger Warnings:

  • Death
  • Violence

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