Tapas Tuesdays: Solo Leveling

Genre: Action, Fantasy
Availability: Wait until free
Status: Updating


Sung Jinwoo is an E-rank hunter, which means he’s the weakest hunter there is – barely a step up from the average human. Yet he hasn’t given up on the hunting job because he desperately needs the money.

Little does he know that one day, one gate (dungeon) will change the world as he knows it. Or, more accurately, change him.

My Review:

Okay, okay. I’ve been hearing nonstop chatter about Solo Leveling. And it makes sense; there’s a TV adaptation on the horizon (I can’t wait), and the writing is pretty solid. Though if I’m being honest, it’s the artwork I love!

Solo Leveling is a dramatic series with lots (and lots) of action and gore. It has some power scaling issues, which I am worried will get worse rather than better as the series continues. However, I’m far from caught up, so I won’t judge that bit just yet. Still, I’ve been happily sitting down to read each new installment as they come my way.


  • High Octane Action
  • Magical Portals
  • Leveling System

Trigger Warnings:

  • Violence & Gore

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