Review: Ghost-Spider #10 (Marvel)

There’s Only So Much Room For Heroes in Ghost-Spider #10

Gwen Stacy is back; from the looks of it, she’s about to get into more trouble than ever in Ghost-Spider #10. This is a young woman who has seen it all, from the death of her best friend to a multidimensional war. Now? Now she’s got a whole different problem to deal with.

The reappearance of two famous siblings in her world has been a plot steadily building up for several issues now, and it seems like something will finally come of it. Combine that with the events of Outlawed, and Gwen is in for more trouble than she realizes.

If you haven’t read Outlawed, it isn’t a requirement for this issue – but it will become relevant in future issues. It’s okay to dive right in, of course; just be aware that you’ll probably get some spoilers for that event if you do things that way.


Seanan McGuire is still at the helm with Ghost-Spider #10, and her long-form storytelling is seriously starting to pay off in this issue. All of the subtle hints dropped throughout the last few issues are coming to fruition, which is an extremely satisfying feeling.

Of course, it’s hard not to be concerned for Gwen at the same time…though it will be fascinating to see how she works her way through this particular situation. She may feel she’s down to limited choices, but this character always finds a way.

There is so much to love about this issue, to be blunt. There’s drama, a brilliant fight sequence, tension, and even a few moments of humor wrapped all together. It made for a well-balanced issue that will go by in the blink of an eye and leave you anxious to see what happens next.

I sincerely love the story being told about these siblings (being vague and intentional to avoid spoilers). McGuire has crafted something truly sinister here, all while wrapping it up in a pretty bow. That just adds to the chills of what has happened – and what will surely follow.


Ghost-Spider #10 had brilliant artwork to go with the plot, and several scenes stole the show. The lead artist was Ig Guara, with colors by Ian Herring and lettering by VC’s Clayton Cowles.

Together they created a memorable issue and some dynamic scenes alongside it. The fight scene was compelling, with extra touches that went such a long way in adding to the impact of what was happening.

Meanwhile, Gwen’s appearance received another change, and it’s one that fans will be thrilled by (at least, I know I was!). All of these little details are going to make for an interesting next issue when you think about it.


We’ve received another fun and thrilling issue with Ghost-Spider #10, all while setting the stakes for something more. I love that all of those subtle moments before now added to something, and I sincerely cannot wait to see how far those elements will be pushed.

Ghost-Spider is quickly becoming a series to watch, as unparalleled risks are being taken (see what I did there?). Combine that with Outlawed’s events, and something quite intense and amazing is going on.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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