Tapas Tuesdays: Her Ladyship Objects to this Marriage!

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Availability: Wait until free
Status: Updating


Lady Kyriel has never been too interested in love or marriage. She’s strong-willed, stubborn, and a commandant of the Altein Empire. While it is in the regulations that she must get married before considering a promotion, it’s never been in her plans.

In fact, she once made up a ridiculous list of aspects of her ‘ideal man.’ Her best hope was to get her family to stop trying to arrange meetings and the like. Imagine her surprise when a man perfectly meeting those aspects arrived on her doorstep one day.

My Review:

I picked up Her Ladyship Objects to this Marriage! on a bit of a whim, and let me tell you – this series is so much MORE than it may look at a glance. I adore the characters within, including Kyriel and her magical love interest (Idwin).

This series is a lot of fun, with magical shenanigans, politics, fighting, and of course, a heavy romantic plot (that is a slow burn for those looking for this type of romance!). As a bonus, the colors are bright and add quite a lot to the artwork, which enhances the story in my mind.


  • Fantasy world
  • Forced proximity trope
  • Chosen ones/magical mates?
  • Confident leading characters
  • Slow-burn romance

Trigger Warnings:

  • Violence
  • Family Drama

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