Manga Monday: The Transcendent One-Sided Love of Yoshida the Catch, Vol. 2

Series: The Transcendent One-Sided Love of Yoshida the Catch
Writer/Artist: Shizuki Fujisawa
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Released: June 7, 2022
Received: Own


Hibiki Yoshida is what most people would call quite the catch. He’s passionate and caring and pretty determined to make the love of his life as happy as possible. The only catch is that his love has no idea how he feels.

The love in question is none other than Sena Shimakaze, a famous mangaka who desperately needs an assistant (or ten) in her life. That’s where Yoshida comes into play. He makes sure her series gets out on time, keeping her in line and, more importantly – healthy and alive.


So I enjoyed the first volume of this series and thus went into The Transcendent One-Sided Love of Yoshida the Catch, Vol. 2with super high expectations. Those hopes were slightly dashed, sadly, as this volume just doesn’t hold up to the first.

I’m not sure if this is one of those things where the charm doesn’t hold up long-term or if it was the direction this volume took. I’m probably going to read the third volume to see how that goes. Maybe it’ll come back around?

I think the biggest problem with this volume is that it didn’t progress any of the core plot points. Sure, it showcased more fun and humorous antics, but that’s about it. Yoshida is no closer to revealing his feelings.

This volume introduced a new plot point right at the very end. I have no idea how that’s going to go. It’ll either enhance the series or destroy it. Only time will tell.


  • Quirky plot
  • Oblivious character is oblivious
  • One-Sided love (duh)
  • Potential Love Triangle

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