Review: Farmhand #11 (Image Comics)

Farmhand #11: Our Histories Feed Into Our Future

The trials of Freetown are far from over, and it’s all thanks to the Jenkins. Last we saw, Jedidiah has fairly injured thanks to the attack – which could have been his own creation very well. Farmhand #11 continues that story, unveiling more about what is happening in this town.

Readers have been wondering for a while now how Jedidiah started this business. And while there are still a great many questions that need answers, it feels like we’re getting closer to sorting it all out.

This eleventh issue in the series weaves the past and the future together. Giving us glimpses of what happened back in the day while hinting towards something very dark on the horizon.


In many ways, Farmhand #11 went a long way in setting up for the dramatic moment we all know is coming. Rob Guillory laid more foundation work down for us, continuing the pattern of slow reveals. It’s enough to start theorizing about what’s truly going on. But not enough to have any real sense of certainty. It’s a delicate balance.

This issue is split into two main parts; the past and the present. The past comprises multiple moments, hinting at all the bits that played a part in creating this epidemic. And the present also brought us some answers – along with plenty of concerns.

Guillory has managed to up the ante by making the fight personal for Jedidiah. But readers are left uncertain about what that will mean. Or what will be done about it? One thing is for sure – the next issue in this series will be interesting. It’s bound to be, given how much setting up this issue did.


The artwork in Farmhand #11 is as vibrant and alive as the plants it features. However, it’s probably not as dangerous. Guillory was the lead artist, providing the imagery and story. And that explains why the two match up so well.

There were some fascinating elements in this issue, from the new character introduced (and how she was designed) to the flashbacks and everything they had to show us. What was especially interesting was how the styles changed depending on the timeline it was in – or what storytelling was used to get the point across.

Taylor Wells was responsible for the coloring of this issue, and they brought this disturbing world to life. They set the brightly colored plants against darker tones, giving off this eerie and perturbing feeling. And then there was Kody Chamberlain, who provided the lettering for this issue. This issue needed the final touch: one full of dialogue and sound effects.


Farmhand #11 went out of its way to build up towards something larger. We don’t yet know how explosive this plot is going to get. But this most recent issue made it feel like things are getting more desperate as our characters find more and more avenues shut to them.

This issue has kept the series’ promise by giving us a glimpse of the truth. We don’t have all the answers yet…but we’re getting there. And it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out in the end.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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