Manga Monday: Sunbeams in the Sky, Vol. 1

Series: Sunbeams in the Sky
Writer/Artist: Monika Kaname
Translator: Julie Goniwich
Publisher: Yen Press
Released: April 18, 2023
Received: NetGalley


Himari and Mio are twins, but other than their looks, they couldn’t be more different! For example, Mio is extremely open and extroverted. Meanwhile, Himari has always been a bit more on the shy side.

So when a horrible incident happens to Himari, she stays home from school. It used to be the thing she loved most in the world. But now she’s afraid to step foot there. That is until her twin begs her to take her place, just for a day or two. She swears.


Sunbeams in the Sky, Vol. 1, is a cute introduction to a new series. Himari and Mio may look like twins (because they are), but they don’t act like stereotypical twins. I found that to be pretty refreshing.

I should warn readers to go into Sunbeams in the Sky, Vol. 1, with an ounce of caution. The story does begin with something awful happening to Himari – the description doesn’t shy away from that fact. But it also doesn’t portray the depth of what happened. Readers uncomfortable with assault should steer clear or ask a friend to help them skip this section.

Okay, there is one part of this series that is a bit stereotypical when it comes to portraying twins -twin swapping. The two girls switch places and create lots of shenanigans because of it. That’s the whole premise of the story, and that’s where things get funny and cute.


  • Twins
  • Romance
  • Shoujo

Trigger Warnings

  • Assault

Thanks to Yen Press and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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