WOTN Review: Folklords #2 (Boom! Studios)

Twisted Fairy Tales To Be Found in Folklords #2

Ansel has always had these strange visions of a world full of technology and other wonders. And in Folklords #2, he’s moving forward in his quest to prove those visions right. But before he can do that, he must survive the trials of his own world.

Folklords is a delightful series that flips all of the tropes and expectations that come with a magical realm upon its head. Here we have a teenager who sees visions of another world. But rather than seeing into a magical world, it’s the other way around. And all of the magical creatures think he’s a bit mad for going off on this quest.

Thankfully, Ansel is not alone. Another villager, Archer, has decided to take up this very same quest. But the jury is still out on whether he will end up being more of a help or a hindrance. But at least Ansel has some company?


Folklords #2 was a fascinating continuation of this tale. Ansel’s quest is unique in that most of us have surely not seen this flipped perspective. It’s been interesting to see how the details are handled and how far the boundaries on this concept can be pushed.

Matt Kindt has woven a complex tale in this issue. On the one hand, Ansel’s quest is complicated by his companion, Archer. The backstory of this character (revealed in this issue) is alarming and disturbing, yet it also fits the fantasy theme quite beautifully.

Then there are the dangers that our characters come across here. If the series continues to twist all of these tales, it’s safe to say that this issue will stay delightfully intriguing. The twists so far have been clever. Kindt has managed to successfully subvert expectations on more than one occasion. All while setting up for something larger.


Folklords #2 is full of dark and foreboding artwork. The type of scenery you’d expect to find in a dark and magical forest. It was the perfect setting for this issue for more than one reason. And the artistic team nailed the overall tone and feeling of it all.

Matt Smith was the lead artist for this issue; thus, all credit for the characters, their expressions, and much of their surroundings should go to him. Then there are the colors, which was the ideal mixture of dark and murky. Chris O’Halloran provided those colors. Finally, Jim Campbell was the letterer. And his work was pleasing, as always.

Together these three were the ideal support for this winding plot, one that is taking us on the most unexpected of journeys.


Folklords #2 had a lot of disturbing – yet fascinating – undertones. And it’s impossible not to be intrigued by what is unfolding right in front of us. Ansel’s quest was one that sounded interesting right from the start. But it’s the twists and turns that are keeping this tale interesting. And I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how this latest twist concludes.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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