Review: Lumberjanes #54

Lumberjanes #54

Lumberjanes #54
Publisher: Boom! Box
Released: September 19th 2018
Rating: 4 Star

Have I mentioned how much I love the Lumberjanes? I’m sure I have at some point during the last 53 issues…

Anyway, it’s time for another issue of Lumberjanes, and hopefully we’ll start learning more about what the heck is going on here…last we saw a lady was turned back into the living from stone, only for her to disappear with Ripley. Not a cool move, if you ask me.

Like the other issues this one did a great job of balancing the fun and the plot. Things moved forward quickly, with an explanation of what must be going on…combined with a healthy dose of Lumberjanes chaos. I think it’s safe to say that the stone lady was not even remotely prepared for the pure chaos that Ripley could bring into her life. Oh well, her loss, am I right?

This issue mixed the serious, funny, and cute together perfectly. I honestly couldn’t have asked for or hoped for more. They also did a pretty solid job of explaining the woman’s motivations, especially in regards to Ripley. Now that everything makes sense, it’s time to find a solution, right?

I’m so happy that the art style has been stable for this series for so long. It’s a perfect choice for this series – the bolder shapes don’t distract from the hilarity or plot at all, while still having no trouble representing all the weird things and creatures the Roanoke cabin comes across. Plus, I like the way they draw the cats, so that’s a huge bonus.

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