Review: Heroes in Crisis #1

Heroes in Crisis 1

Heroes in Crisis #1
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: September 26th 2018
Rating: 3 1/2 Star

Heroes in Crisis is a new DC series/event…and I have so many questions. It was an interesting start, but either I missed the beginning of this, or they’re going to fill us in on it all later (I suspect it’s the latter).

So far the two characters with the most ‘screen time’ in this series would be Blooster Gold and Harley Quinn. An interesting combination, right? A ton of other superheroes make cameos of well, though they’re not all of the happy sort of cameo…

I’m a little conflicted about this one. On the one hand I can see what they’re trying to do (I think) and how they wanted to approach it. On the other I’m not thrilled with some of the decisions they made. A lot of those complaints revolve around the way they interpreted Harley though, so that may be my bias showing.

It seems like lately Harley’s character has been deviating more and more from her original persona. Don’t get me wrong, change can absolutely be a good thing and I won’t fight change on principle. However, I prefer that the change be…well, good? I’m just not liking the new interpretation of Harley. Every time I see her (either in her own series, Suicide Squad, or any other appearance) I think that this will be the issue where I start liking the new her…but it hasn’t happened yet. This one in particular rubbed me the wrong way – the way she talked about mental health and her old patients. Not only did it not sound like Harley, but it wasn’t exactly sensitively done either (something that they can get away with thanks to the perspective saying those things, I suppose).

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    1. Whoops, hit enter too soon. I’m so glad you had similar concerns – I hate feeling like I’m being overly critical, but having others feel the same way is a good indicator that it isn’t just me. I’m going to hop over and read your review now!

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      1. Same here. I also hate feeling like being overly critical. I liked that you felt the same way and it also increased my confidence that I am not the only one.

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