Review: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3

The Thrilling Adventure Hour 3

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3
Publisher: Boom! Box
Released: September 26th 2018
Rating: 4 Star

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is quickly becoming one of my favorite series from Boom! Box, which is saying something. It’s so cute, oddly casual, comical, and fantastic, all in one small package. The main characters are adorable (kind of hard not to love how smitten they are with each other), yet remarkable unphased with the supernatural. The plot has been humorous, but with a touch of seriousness blended in with it.

I love how light this series has been. This is a talent that Boom! Box in particular seems to have nailed. They get these grand plots with crazy events happening, but it all seems to chill and casual. Even when everybody’s rushing around it still feels oddly relaxed and content to exist as it is.

They’ve been hinting since the beginning that there’s something larger going on here; something that the main cast is yet aware of. Finally we’re starting to get an idea of exactly what that was. The final twist that resulted in the big revelation was spectacular – I can safely say that I didn’t see it coming.

I’ll admit that I’m extremely curious about the way they introduced this issue. So far I don’t see the connection to the rest of the plot, but I’m sure that will change with time. The question is, is it related to the larger growing issue, or is it a secondary issue developing?

The artwork has been spectacular. I love the way the characters are drawn. They’re all so distinct – not just from each other, but from characters in other series as well. The expressive nature of the characters is perfect as well – their personalities really do seem to be drawn right over their features at times. The art itself is understated, never going for bold colors or highly detailed images unless it’s called for.

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