Review: Magic Order #4

Magic Order 4

Magic Order #4
Publisher: Image Comics
Released: October 3rd 2018
Rating: 4 Star

Magic Order has made it pretty clear by now that they’ve taken the kid gloves off. This is a magical world with magical families, and they’re not afraid to play dirty. While we don’t know a ton about either of the main families, it’s become clear to us that there’s one we should be rooting for (the other I’m less inclined to consider evil, more like they have a black sheep in the family that they could have treated better, and now everyone is paying the price).

I love that this series is touching upon the darker sides of magic. It isn’t all pretty spells, unfortunately (though it would be nice if it was). To be honest, it only makes sense. There are people in this world that would absolutely abuse power if it was granted to them, so naturally in a world of magic it would eventually end up in the wrong hands…

I will say that I love how different the three surviving siblings are from one another. They each have their own personalities, way of dealing with things, and history. That this has all been established in only four issues is actually quite impressive, especially considering everything else that’s going on.

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