Review: Tony Stark Iron Man #4

Tony Stark Iron Man 4

Tony Stark Iron Man #4
Publisher: Marvel
Released: October 3rd 2018
Rating: 3 1/2 Star

While I’ve been really enjoying the Tony Stark series, I have to admit that it has a slightly higher silliness count than I was expecting. I still love it, of course. It just knows not to take itself too seriously…and if we’re being honest that probably a more accurate representation for Tony Stark.

This issue had its silly points, but they all tied it well with some of the more important parts, like Tony’s identity crisis and Janet van Dyne’s appearance. Everything in this series appears to have a purpose, even the more sci-fi elements that they’ve been really pushing lately.

Up until this issue I had actually forgotten about the whole past relationship with Janet and Tony. I guess with everything that’s happened to them both that makes sense. However Janet was really the perfect character to pull in here – she’s gone through something similar-ish to what Tony has, and she’s a charismatic and funny character to boot, so she fits in well.

Also, are we just going to gloss over the whole Rhody thing? Apparently he’s dating other people now. I mean, I guess I can understand how his (temporary) death may have ended the relationship he was in…but still. I would have appreciated a bit of warning there. I always liked that ship. And before you ask: no I did not rate this issue lower because of that revelation.

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