Review: Doctor Strange #6

Doctor Strange 6

Doctor Strange #6
Publisher: Marvel
Released: October 3rd 2018
Rating: 4 Star

The last issue of Doctor Strange left us in a bit of a cliffhanger, with a major revelation occurring in the final pages. This issue finally explains what’s been going on, but of course nothing is ever that simple in Doctor Strange’s world.

Still, it’s nice to see Doctor Strange back on earth. I for one missed Baz very much, he’s such a cute and good ghost dog…even if thinking of him does make me sad sometimes. I guess that’s a part of life, huh?

Seeing the two worlds of Doctor Strange collide was interesting. On the one hand we have the space he’s seemed to always occupy, with all the friends and allies that come with it. On the other he has his new abilities and knowledge gained from his travel, as well as a new and surprisingly loyal friend. Her instant reactions and lack of hesitation to step up and help out spoke volumes, not just about her character, but about her feelings towards Strange (because let’s be honest; nobody can find or create weirder situations than Strange).

It’s nice to see us going back into a more…typical Doctor Strange story. Leave it to him to come home and immediately find himself embroiled in a needlessly convoluted situation. The situation itself is interesting though, and I’m looking forward to learning more about it, and seeing how he intends to resolve it.

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