Review: Sleepwalker #1

Sleepwalker 1

Sleepwalker #1
Publisher: Marvel
Released: October 3rd 2018
Rating: 4 Star

Okay, so for sake of honestly I should probably tell you that I’ve never really followed Sleepwalker before now. Sure, I’ve seen him make appearances in other series I’ve read, but I never read anything focused on just him. Still, I was curious to see how he would fit in with the greater Infinity Wars plot, and I had a feeling I’d regret not giving it a chance.

Sleepwalker has offered a unique perspective on what was done during Infinity Wars #3 (if you haven’t read that issue yet and don’t want spoilers, please stop reading here). Being that Sleepwalker isn’t part of the physical realm, it makes sense that he wasn’t directly affected by what Gamora ordered the stones to do.

In short, Sleepwalker appeared to literally be on the outside watching in as everything went down. To his credit he seemed to really want to stop it, and he legitimately seems upset about it. I think his series might end up giving us an explanation for these events being undone…but I could be wrong.

The series did show/remind me of some of the other combinations that are happening. I definitely don’t remember seeing the Darkhawk combination earlier, so that was a huge shock, but also an interesting revelation. I wonder how that (and the possible information transfer) will affect his plot in the long run? Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of him soon? I hope so.

Then there was the Banner and Scott Lang combination. That one was pretty creative, I have to admit. Their powers combine in an oddly intuitive way. I like it. I had also totally forgotten about a couple of other combos, like Spider-Man and Moon Knight. I can’t wait to see how crazy that one will end up being…

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