Review: Cover #2

Cover 2

Cover #2
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: October 17th 2018
Rating: 4 Star

Cover is an interesting sort of series. I wasn’t completely certain with how to feel about it last issue, since it was the first one and all. It sort of felt self-indulgent in a way. You know, a comic book author writing about comic book writers/artists and all that. It seemed like the perfect fantasy.

Now? Now I’m thinking it’s a nightmare. Or something less than fantastical, at least. It’s clear that this guys world isn’t perfect, nor would it be

The storytelling for this issue was less linear that the last one. It keeps jumping back and forth between a couple points in time. What is interesting is that those points aren’t all that far apart, all things considered. I’d guess no more than a day or two? A week at the most, but that’s probably stretching it.

Its interesting how one person’s life can become such a mess by the actions of another. In this case it’s a crazy fan, but not even remotely in the way you’d expect. It’s kind of fun seeing the ‘stalker fan’ trope flipped on its head.

The artwork for this series has been absolutely lovely. The main character in this series is a comic book writer, as you well know, and has created a few famous series. The pages are occasionally included, and it’s always immediately clear when they switch to showing us one. Having so many different styles shown in the same series is very impressive. The main style isn’t afraid to take risks either – I’m personally very fond of the water color-esque style used towards the end of this issue. It was absolutely striking.

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