Review: Life of Captain Marvel #4

Life of Captain Marvel 4

Life of Captain Marvel #4
Publisher: Marvel
Released: October 17th 2018
Rating: 4 Star

First things first; I’m a huge Captain Marvel fan. She’s by far one of my favorite Marvel characters, and I can’t get enough of her series (any of them). That being said, I’m still struggling a bit with the idea of retconning her backstory. It’s not that I have a problem with the changes – they actually make sense (even if they raise some questions) and it fits in with the movie adaptation coming out. I’m just not sure that I understand the need to change the comic version, they haven’t really done that for any of the other series turned into movies, have they? I’d love input here, if any are willing to share. I think I’ll be cool with it in the long run, it’s just weird for me.

If we ignore that part though, this issue was pretty interesting on the whole. We got to learn more about Carol’s mother – something that has always been lacking (even if there really wasn’t technically a need for it, it’s still fun to know). Her brother did get more of a cameo this time, though he still hasn’t had a chance to speak much. But that’s okay, since he wasn’t the focus of either plot. We also learned a bit more about her father. In no way, shape, or form does any of this knowledge excuse his behavior though. I want to make that crystal clear. While it doesn’t excuse anything, it does explain a thing or two.

Oh! And Chewie got a few sassy moments, though it’s mostly hissing. Also, apparently Carol’s mom has a couple cats of her own. Which now that I think about it makes total sense. Still, I’m amazed that Chewie and the cats (whom I’m assuming are actually cats) get along at all.

This issue left me with a lot of food for thought. While I’m not sure how I feel about some of the changes made, I’m actually really happy in that it made me think about it. I actually have to take time to work through my feelings and biases here, and it’s not often we’re forced to check ourselves like that. So in a way I guess it’s a good thing?


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