Review – Deadpool #3 (Marvel Comics)

Deadpool #3: Long Live the King

Deadpool may not be the first person you think of when you try to picture the ideal King of Monsters. But as Deadpool #3 has once again proven, he’s better suited for the task than you might imagine.

It helps that he’s challenging to kill. You see, the monsters that have taken over Staten Island have a straightforward way of deciding who is king. He (or she) who kills the king becomes king. And since that king is now Deadpool…well, good luck taking the title from him.

Unfortunately, there’s one determined hunter who would like nothing more than to take the head of the King of Monsters. And he doesn’t much care how many monsters he’ll have to go through in the process.


Deadpool #3 was a highly entertaining read, one that is as full of chaos and sass as you could ever hope for. This is Deadpool we’re talking about, after all. Kelly Thompson has nailed the inane humor and chaotic elements that make Deadpool’s series so amusing.

This is an issue full of drama (courtesy of a particular monster hunter and her tactics for…saving Deadpool?), humor (thank you, Jeff the Land Shark), and combat (thanks to the fact that Deadpool is actively hunted). The balance works so well here, with Deadpool being forced to step up once again. He’s not quite a hero…but he still cares about what happens to those around him.

Who would have thought that putting Deadpool in a leadership position would force him to be more responsible? Though I’d like to give Jeff some extra credit for that (I don’t care if it’s true or not, it’s just funnier to think it).

What is impressive is how long this entire battle has lasted. I’m not sure who I’m more impressed by, Deadpool or his antagonist. Or perhaps I should be impressed by the writing since it left us many opportunities to see bloody battles.


Deadpool #3 is full of, you guessed it, battles! The artists seriously did a great job portraying all of these scenes. Best of all, they managed to infuse the fights themselves with a bit of that Deadpool chaos. The panels are intentionally aligned in such a way as to provide highlights to the significant battle while obscuring other elements. It’s a creative way to portray it, but it works reasonably well here.

The creative team for Deadpool #3 is once again fairly massive. We’ve got Chris Bachalo providing the pencils for this issue, alongside Wayne Faucher, Livesay, Al Vey, Jaime Mendoza, and Victor Olazaba, who all did the inking.

Then there’s David Curiel, who did the coloring. They did a fantastic job, with lots of bright colors and strong use of blank space to balance it all out. Finally, VC’s Joe Sabino provided the lettering, and they had a bit of fun with the sound effects – but it was precisely what the issue needed.


Deadpool #3 was a surprising issue that pitted Deadpool against a classic antagonist, but with unexpected results. It’s so easy to assume that because Deadpool is hard to kill, he’ll win every fight. This whole plot has been a potent reminder of the challenges he can still face.

It’s also an issue full of humor, thanks to Deadpool’s very nature. The supporting characters have also been a highlight—especially Jeff the Land Shark. Who I think should be the next King of Monsters.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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