Review: Last of the Irin Volume One

Author/Artist: Rob McMillan
Released: June 2020
Warnings: Graphic content, murder, blood, gore, assault

Last of the Irin Volume One kicks off a new series full of gods, feuds, a fight for survival, and so much more. Written and illustrated by Rob McMillan, this is a tale that is larger than life. In many ways, reading this felt reminiscent of the early days of Warhammer, though with more visual elements to guide readers along.

This is the start of a trilogy, and I have the next two in the trilogy lined up on my TBR list as well. Still, I wanted to take a moment to get my thoughts out before moving onward. For those that want to give the series a try, check out the website for more information (not to mention the volumes!).

Peace can be difficult to maintain when a world houses multiple gods and creatures of divinity. These gods have taken their feud to the humans, who carry this fight to brutal levels. Yet there is a chance for something more. That chance lies entirely on the shoulders of Anahita.

Wow. To say that Last of the Irin Volume One was a brutal read would be an understatement. To be clear, brutality does not mean bad. I simply mean that Rob McMillan is not an author willing to pull punches.

It makes for a heavy-hitting series that much I can already tell. It’s a lot to binge all at once, so I almost wish I had found the series earlier, allowing me to enjoy each chapter as it is released. Oh well, what is done is done.

Imagine what it must be like for Anahita. They literally have the weight of the world, of humanity, on their shoulders. The scale we are talking about here is where one person can decide the fate for their entire species.

This first novel read as one part origin story, giving readers a chance to know (and understand) the Iryans and their lore. This is punctuated by the story of a dying girl who has caught the attention of one of the very last Irin. You can see how the two fold together from there.

I still can’t get over how much was covered throughout this single volume. The past and the present mingle together into one complex but cohesive story. One that feels so much larger than life at times.

I fully intend to go on and read the subsequent two volumes in this series, though I think I’ll give myself a break before doing so. My soul can only take so much intensity at once. I’ll see the rest of you in the new year.

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