Review – Fairlady #4 (Image Comics)

Fairlady #4 is the Embodiment of the Quest for Answers

Fairlady #4 continues Jenner Faulds’ journey. Though if you recall, one thing that makes the Fairlady series so unique is that every issue has its freestanding plot. So you can read these in any order you like. That being said, I think this might be my favorite issue of the series. Though maybe that is because of the book theme, can you blame me there?

Once again, Jenner has taken up a new job as a Fairlady. However, this time around, it may have been slightly less optional for her. But that probably happens to everyone, from time to time. But if you’ve ever wanted to see a bounty hunter go on what has to be the most peculiar quest yet, then check out this issue.


Brian Schirmer has done a fantastic job of making this series as unique as it is interesting. Better yet – it’s lived up to the promise of having each issue standalone. Fairlady #4 is the perfect example of a freestanding plot. Once you know the world and have a general idea of Jenner’s character, you’re good to go.

This issue started with a bit of a surprise, but it did an excellent job backtracking to explain the situation. I love stories that begin in the middle of the action – it gets your attention right away. As long as they describe it later, that is.

Fairlady #4 had a bit of a comical edge to it. And it worked oddly well with the series. Jenner’s latest bounty is…unusual. But it’s also something that many of us could sympathize with, in a way. And it certainly opened the door for lots of commentary and jokes.

The fourth issue in the series took advantage of different storytelling techniques to walk us through what happened. It was clever, and it kept things light and interesting. It also added some extra intrigue to an issue that was otherwise somewhat relaxing.


Fairlady #4 showed us more of Jenner’s world and some of the beings that inhabit it. These characters were interesting to see, mainly because of the way they were designed. It can’t be easy to come up with creatures that look different while still fitting into the surroundings.

Claudia Balboni was the artist for this issue, while Marissa Louise provided the colors. Together they brought this world to life. Not every panel was one to catch the eye – but they didn’t all need to be. The panels that were, though? They’re worth talking about. Some were striking – bold backdrops combined with text and brilliant pieces of art. Or amusing expressions – those were another highlight of mine. They coupled well with the story being told.


Fairlady #4 was a fun and enjoyable read. The added humor to the plot was much appreciated. The specific tone used fits well with Jenner and her strange world. The ending was oddly perfect, not that we can explain why without spoiling it all.

All in all, this issue was wonderful. The bounty was not something I expected to see – and yet it was something I feel that any reader can sympathize with and support. That certainly made the whole ordeal a lot more entertaining.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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