Review – Exorsisters #6 (Image Comics)

A Trial of Heaven And Hell in Exorsisters #6

Cate and Kate are not precisely normal twins, but they’re making it work in Exorsisters #6. More accurately, their loyalty to one another has no bounds. Not even when they’re handed everything they could have ever desired.

Something tremendous and terrifying is looming on the horizon. Something so powerful as to bend the wills of even angels. Naturally, that means our two Exorsisters are about to throw themselves directly in that path. It’s sort of what they do.

For those that are a bit newer to this series, Kate and Cate aren’t twins. They’re two halves of the same whole. Literally, one is the soul of the other, but through a twisted series of events, they’ve become separated, and they prefer to see themselves as twins now.


Written by Ian Boothby, Exorsisters #6 is as fun and chaotic as the rest of the series. If not more so. This is a series unafraid to make rough jokes and references, all in the name of having fun. After all, the series is based on two sisters who hunt demons for a living. Things are going to get a little bit crazy from time to time.

This issue is also mildly heartbreaking in its way. Once again, we’re reminded of the hell that Cate and Kate have gone through (in one of their cases, we mean that literally). It’s an essential part of their backstory, so a reminder is needed. But the way it was done…just ouch. Poor Cate.

Meanwhile, Kate’s side of the story is refreshingly fun and witty. Okay, it’s a little dark too, but so is the character, so who’s surprised by that revelation? It doesn’t stop her from having any fun, and we should enjoy the laughs as well.

This issue made great use of split perspectives to tell a larger story. The scene is being set, and whatever is coming is going to be massive. This new arc has been interesting from the first moment, but the buildup makes it even more intriguing.


Exorsisters #6 is full of creative storytelling through the use of artwork. To say that it makes for a thrilling comic series would be an understatement. There are many striking scenes to be found within these pages, thanks mainly to the creative color palettes and character designs.

Gisele Lagace was the lead artist for this issue, and they did an excellent job of portraying all of the insanity that makes this series work. Cate and Kate are unique characters, and that fact is as clear as day, thanks to Lagace.

Meanwhile, Pete Pantazis was in charge of coloring, which is one of the most distinctive features of this issue (and series as a whole). Vibrant colors pop out against intentionally dull backdrops, the result being something eye-catching and evocative.

Finally, there’s Taylor Esposito, who was in charge of the lettering. There are a lot of one-liners in this issue, and that means they had to be placed with perfection to carry the same punch. That is a challenge that Esposito was more than willing to meet, and you can tell they had a bit of fun in the process.


It is shockingly good to have Exorsisters back and updating once again. This series has been fun from the start, but with the new arc that Exorsisters #6 brought with it, things are sure to get more intense from here. I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing what happens next. All while seeing how these strange sisters deal with it all.

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