Review – Captain Marvel #24 (Marvel Comics)

The Danger Reveals Itself in Captain Marvel #24

Carol Danvers’ unwilling adventure back into the future continues in Captain Marvel #24. While she may not know how it happened, she is once again back into the world that Captain Marvel: The End introduced.

A world that has seen better days. Heroes have risen, but just as many have fallen. The survivors are hanging on by a thread, thanks largely in part to the help of the Carol of their timeline. Whose sacrifice allowed them to keep going on.

Now, fans are left wondering what this version of Carol will be asked to do. Or if there’s anything she can do to prevent this horrible event from ever taking place. One can only hope.


In many ways, it feels like Captain Marvel #24 is the issue this plot arc has been waiting for. Though perhaps that will change, as not everything has unfolded yet. One thing is certain; Kelly Thompson wrote a truly compelling piece here.

This is an issue that raises dozens of questions while also leaving room for a couple of ‘aha!’ moments. A very satisfying combination, if I may say so. Once again, we’re learning more about those few that survived – and their children.

Only this time around, it feels like it’s mostly bad news. Even the good news (people surviving) seems to be creatively spun, obfuscating the truth of what is really going on. The end result? A few action sequences and a cliffhanger that’s going to keep us on our toes.

Still, there’s plenty to think about in the meantime. Namely, the few major revelations that Thompson snuck into this timeline. They’re total mind-benders, and I love it so much. How many more surprising twists do you think will be woven into the rest of this plot arc? Here’s hoping for a few more, at the very least!


The artwork in Captain Marvel #24 is one of the many reasons why this series has become so memorable. The new character designs alone are enough to cause any fan to freak out. Followed by a detailed comb-over, as they try and catch every nuance, there is to the new additions.

Lee Garbett and Belen Ortega are the lead artists for this issue, bringing the plot to life with so much brilliant. It’s amazing how that growing sense of dread seems to pore through the artwork itself, as well as through the writing. You can see it in their faces, in the tension in the backs. That is just one of the highlights of the artwork here.

Antonio Fabela’s colors are fantastic – they’re bold and bright, despite the somber tones. It helps that exterior shots allow for a beautiful snowy backdrop. The colors work to make the characters, old and new, pop off the pages.

VC’s Clayton Cowles’ lettering is the final touch here, and you really can feel the import of the words here. You can tell when a whispered conversation is occurring or when a battle has begun.


Captain Marvel #24 is a thrilling read, with more than one mic-drop worth talking about among fans. The ending alone is enough to have me counting down the days until the next issue, all while thinking about the revelations that have already occurred.

This whole plot has both answered and raised questions about Captain Marvel: The End single issue. Yet I still can’t help that we’ll get more information in the next issue as well. A fact that feels almost a given at this point.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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