Review – Captain Marvel #25 (Marvel Comics)

Two Opposing Forces in Captain Marvel #25

This strange battle for the future continues in Captain Marvel #25. She may not know the whole story of why she is here or what happened to her fellow heroes. But that won’t stop her from standing up for those who survived.

For those of you that haven’t been following along (a real shame, for the record, as this plot arc, has been a delight to read): The last arc is set in the time of Captain Marvel: The End. She has once again been transported to that deadly timeline. And once again, she has been called upon to save the day.

That being said, we’re all expecting a better end for her this time around. Well, better may not be the correct term, as Carol did that time around was more than a little impressive. Really, we’re rooting/counting on her survival.


If you’re looking for an issue of Captain Marvel that is full of both humor and some seriously badass moments, then Captain Marvel #25 is the issue for you. This is the issue that this entire arc has been building towards.

Kelly Thompson packed this issue to the brim of memorable and unforgettable scenes. Not just for Carol’s sake, but for the allies (new and old) that she has found in this future timeline. It’s also an issue that provides insight into what is happening – the good and the bad.

Overall, this is one of those issues that will make fans cheer. It’s also probably going to forge a whole new fandom for a (relatively) new character, and she truly does deserve it after everything she’s been through. So add me to the list of supporters there!

Captain Marvel #25 is far from a smash and grab issue. There is so much intelligence in what is happening, how it was orchestrated, what the antagonists want. The individuality of each of the supporting characters (all protagonists in their own right). All of it.


Captain Marvel #25 features some fantastic panels and pages. I know I’m not the only fan out there hoping to see a print or two of some of these scenes. Not only because they’re simply incredible, but because of what they mean to the fans.

Lee Garbett and Belen Ortega teamed up again for this issue, with Ortega taking charge of all the flashback scenes. Together they captured the epic nature of Carol’s latest adventure, especially as we neared towards the end of the issue.

Antonio Fabela’s colors worked so hard to make the scenes even more impressive. Something I wouldn’t have thought possible. They’re inspiring and vibrant, showcasing the sheer power levels that are at work.

The lettering provided by VC’s Clayton Cowles is the final touch that this issue deserved. The lettering helped capture the weight of impact, the disturbing nature hidden within the details, and so much more. It was brilliantly done, as always.


Captain Marvel #25 is another impressive addition to Captain Marvel’s career. I know that I can’t be the only fan (well, fangirl, and no shame in it) that’s ecstatic to see that final page for this issue. Now to see where it all leads.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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