Review – Captain Marvel #26 (Marvel Comics)

Dramatic Changes Await in Captain Marvel #26

Carol Danvers’ time in a twisted future continues in Captain Marvel #26. Thanks to magic (literally), Captain Marvel has found herself transported to the very same future that Captain Marvel: The End portrayed.

Now we’re about to see how that plot arc ends, which in itself is a fair bit of irony. Still, Carol has faced insane odds before; the real question is how much this time in the future will affect her outlook for what is to come.


Captain Marvel #26 officially wraps up ‘The Nerd World’ plot arc, and it does so in such a delightfully memorable way. Kelly Thompson does know how to write an action sequence – as well as a scene that will punch all readers in the gut.

The world of ‘The End’ is fascinating. Depressing, with pockets of hope, but still fascinating. Seeing what heroes survived, who was birthed in this era, and every other little detail. In a way, it’s almost a shame to see it all go.

Almost. Now that the plot is wrapped up, I, for one, am hoping that Carol (and allies) will find a way to prevent that future. Though, only time will tell on that front. I do not doubt that it will get covered at some point.
This is an issue that is full of action, surprise twists, and bittersweet moments. In short, it is the perfect combination of elements for a plot conclusion. Oh! I will also give some major bonus points for a surprise appearance from one of my favorite characters. No, I won’t say who it is, but you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about when you read the issue.


Go ahead and add Captain Marvel #26 to my list of best-illustrated issues. I adore every scene in this issue, even the ones that rip out my heart. Perhaps, especially, those moments. The combination of styles and colors makes for a fantastic reading experience. Okay, Captain Marvel looking so badass doesn’t hurt, but that’s a different story.

Lee Garbett was the lead artist for this issue, once again bringing these alternate versions of fan favorites to life. While helpfully labeled, I love that many of the characters don’t really need it – as they are distinct on their own.

The colors work real hard to steal the show here, and it’s tempting to say that they succeed. Provided by Antonio Fabela, Captain Marvel dominates every panel she’s in, thanks to a certain power boost. She’s vibrant in the most literal sense, and the colors help enhance that overwhelming feeling of power.

VC’s Clayton Cowles’s lettering also helped set the scene, from emphasizing impact and volume to portraying all of the emotion our characters must have been feeling. It’s exactly the sort of lettering one would hope to see in an issue such as this.


I am sad that Captain Marvel #26 brings a wrap to this plot arc in many ways. Still, it’s impossible not to be extremely curious about where things will go from here. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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