Manga Monday: Dekoboko Bittersweet Days

Series: Dekoboko Bittersweet Days #2
Author/Artist: Atsuko Yusen
Publisher: LOVExLOVE
Released: March 22, 2022
Received: NetGalley

Dekoboko Bittersweet Days is the second novel in the Dekoboko Sugar Days series, and it is such a happy and fun series. If you’re looking for a quick escape into a world of romance and humor, this is the series for you.

What happens when two friends who have known each other their whole lives realize that what they have is more than friendship? That is what Rui and Yuujirou are working to find out. First friends, now boyfriends, the two have a love that slowly blossomed over time.

Now that their love is out in the open, they can relish the sweet moments that come with companionship and true love. In this story, it is true that opposites attract – and stay together.

Dekoboko Bittersweet Days was such a cute follow-up! I enjoyed this story. Even though the story is mainly from Yuujirou’s perspective, I feel like we get to know both characters equally, which is fantastic since their combined story carries the most weight.

I love that this series has taken the time to delve into healthy communication within a couple, emotional maturity, and many other elements that I feel most stories gloss over (especially teenage romances). It’s a breath of fresh air.

Never before have I seen a series title so on the nose. Dekoboko Bittersweet Days is very sweet (with some steam mixed in, to be clear!), and it will work its way into your heart.

Thanks to LOVExLOVE and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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