Review: She-Hulk Vol. 1: Jen Again

Series: She-Hulk (2022) 1-5
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Pencilers: Roge Antonio, Luca Maresca
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Cover Artists: Adam Hughes, Jen Bartel
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: October 4, 2022
Received: Own

Let’s all cheer for the latest volume of She-Hulk! But seriously, it’s been a hot minute since Jen Walters got her own series, so I was thrilled to hear the news. The fact that they got one of my favorite cover artists (Jen Bartel) involved is just icing on the cake.

After a wild few months with the Avengers (again), Jen is back to a more normal version of herself. She’s still a hulk, of course. Now she has to figure out how to get back on her feet after having (once again) lost everything.

Well, not everything. She’s still got friends and an amazing lawyer, no matter what anyone else says. Speaking of, it’s time she started dedicating more time to that side of her life. Naturally, superhero chaos will get in the way here and there.


I’ve read Rainbow Rowell’s work before, thanks to her work on the latest run of Runaways (no pun intended, sorry about that). So I was pretty stoked when I learned she was going to take charge of She-Hulk’s solo series.

Her latest solo series that is. Her second most recent run, written by Mariko Tamaki, is still one of my absolute favorite runs, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. So this series had some big shoes to fill. Again, no pun intended. Seriously, I don’t know what’s up with me today.

Moving on. This series is set after the events of Jason Aaron’s Avengers. Or certain events, at any rate. So this follows a lot of changes in gamma radiation status for Jen. You don’t technically need to have read all of that to understand what’s going on here. Basically, you just need to know that, once again, Jen is starting from the ground up.

Going back to roots is always fun, especially with a favorite character. Personally, I enjoy it when this happens. Especially when they don’t pretend that the past doesn’t exist. Jen’s history is very much present, especially once we get into the second big arc of the volume.

On that note, this is where readers will want to be a bit more up-to-date in their Marvel lore. It’s a deep pull (relatively speaking), and while the context is provided, the emotional impact carries it SO much further.

My only concern with such a plot point is that since it relies on specific past events, new fans (thanks to the new Marvel series) may find themselves overwhelmed or put off. But otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing where the heck this is going to go.


I already mentioned that I adore the cover art for Jen Again, right? Actually, for the entire She-Hulk 2022 run. It’s amazing, and Jen Bartel is an absolute genius regarding colors. Really, she’s the perfect artist for She-Hulk, and I can’t believe this hadn’t occurred to me until this point. And yes, I will either find some prints of these covers or simply frame a few of the comics as is. I love it that much.

To give credit where credit is due, other artists involved in the covers include Adam Hughes, Roge Antonio and Luca Maresca were the pencil artists for Jen Again, and I’ve got to say – they did a pretty solid job here. The artwork is funny and so very She-Hulk, with a lot of referential humor thrown into the mix (especially in later issues). That’s the thing that will always get me smiling, and I know I can’t be the only reader here.

Rico Renzi, the colorist for Jen Again, also did a great job. I have always adored the bright colors that run through She-Hulk’s series; thankfully, this is no exception. They’re bold but not garish and not afraid to have a bit of fun.

Finally, there’s the lettering, which VC’s Joe Caramagna provided. I’ve always appreciated his work, especially his attention to detail. The lettering is the final touch that brings everything together, so this is a critical piece to get right.


I haven’t looked up how others are feeling about the latest run of She-Hulk, but I have to say: I’m having fun. Going back to She-Hulk basics has been fun, and I certainly appreciate all the laughs I’ve gotten so far. Here’s hoping for more!

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