Manga Monday: Sue & Tai-chan Vol. 1

Series: Sue & Tai-chan #1
Author/Artist: Kanata Konami
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Released: September 15, 2020Received: NetGalley

Are you ready for some cuteness overload? Sue & Tai-chan Vol. 1 is a story perfect for cat-lovers worldwide. So let’s dive in!

What happens when you throw an aging house cat and a new kitten into the same home? Well, one of two things. Either the older cat will freak out, or they’ll take the kitten under their (metaphorical) wing.

In this story, the aging cat is named Sue, and her new kitten ward is Tai-chan. Get ready for a series of endearing cat events, told in a way that only comic art could portray.

Pardon me while I squeal from the cuteness. Sue & Tai-chan Vol. 1 is such a cute read! I know, I’m effectively a crazy-cat lady, so my opinion will already be biased. But it was still SO much fun to read!

I loved watching Sue steadily grow more and more fond of Tai-chan. It reminded me of my three cats. I recently (read: much earlier this year) got two kittens. My older cat was not thrilled, to start with. However, their persistent love and optimism eventually win her over in the end, much like this tale.

I’m trying to say that Sue & Tai-chan Vol. 1 perfectly captures the complex and shifting relationships between two cats. Many might overlook these fluctuations in a feline duo, but not Kanata Konami. It’s perfect.

Thanks to Kodansha Comics and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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