Tapas Tuesday: Master of the Fox Bead

Genre: GL, Romance, Fantasy
Availability: Wait Until Free/Paid
Status: Updating


Lee Jinhwa is what you would call an ordinary girl. She loves sports, and like many girls her age, she has a massive crush on one of her classmates. Her life would have gone on like this, in quiet happiness, if not for one event.

One day, Lee Jinhwa was presented with the opportunity to swallow a fox bead, and not knowing what it was – she did it (with her eyes closed!). Now she has a ticked-off fox following her around, determined to get her accumulated power back from this foolish girl.

My Review:

Ahhh, I adore Master of the Fox Bead. If you’re looking for a sapphic romance with a lot of quirks and personality, you’ve got to check this one out! It leans heavily on the forced proximity trope, with a bit of sunshine and grumpy thrown into the mix. There’s also a potential love triangle and lots of mystical drama.

In short, this series is a blast. I’ll admit that I’ve been enjoying it so much that I don’t make it through the “wait until free” period and usually buy the next comic. It’s by far one of my favorites on the site, which says something.


  • Sapphic Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Forced Proximity Trope
  • Demon Fox
  • Potential Love Triangle

Trigger Warnings:

  • Occasional gore

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